Baby showers and technology

Thanks everyone for your feedback regarding my career progression.  Am feeling more at ease with moving on.  Just a little.

I’m hosting my twins baby shower next week, and so I’ve been doing my research, attending baby showers all over town (relax, I was invited to them).  This polka dot theme for N was effective.

baby shower i park

baby shower cake

baby shower gum

See those gum balls?  They do not stay in your digestive system for 7 years like we were led to believe all those years!  Googled it when my 3 year old swallowed one.

Also had a blast at O’s baby shower.

 baby shower ii

Aren’t people upping the anti at baby showers these days?  So much prettiness.  Is it pinterest? Inexpensive bunting/decor options?  Can you imagine attending a baby shower where the plates aren’t coordinated with the cake?

My sister’s baby shower will be in a week and a half, which gives the sugar on these rock candies 9 days to crystallise.  It’s quite a process.  You place the skewer in a champagne flute filled with sugar water and hold with a peg.

baby shower skewers

You are only meant to put one skewer per champagne flute, but sometimes us stay at home mums like a little challenge, so I put two per flute.  Time management people.

baby shower rock pops

Will post photos of the finished product.

Someone asked me if my boys were twins.  They are 16 months apart, but I feel compelled to dress them identically.  Sadly, it is impossible to get matching boys / baby clothes.

baby shower boys

Here is H matching the picnic rug shower checks on checks

Meanwhile, I’ve been upcycling.  I am not above replacing an ikea high chair I found on kerbside pickup, with a cleaner one I found 250 metres further down the road!  Does anyone else fantasise about furnishing a home entirely from the contents of kerbside pickup?  I think there’s a reality show in that.

And while I’m rambling, my 4 year old was incredulous when he recently learned I grew up without a mobile phone.  Seriously, I found myself saying “why in my day, we didn’t have mobile phones, we had to use the landline… and it wasn’t chordless- it was attached to a wall, and you had to stand in one spot to talk!”.  Am starting to feel out of touch with these youngsters.  And then my 19 year old German au pair informed me that she only recently learned video shops exist- she has grown up in an era where all movies could be downloaded online!  (seriously how do video shops still exist?)

Enough rambling.  Will you be getting fined for illegally downloading Dallas Buyers Club (actually don’t answer that, stay anonymous- it could have been the neighbour tapping into you download quota for all you know)?  Any suggestions for baby shower games/activities? I do hope you are well x

Easter 2015

Hope everyone had a happy Easter.  We did. Made some hot cross buns.

easter buns

Painted some eggs.

easter painted eggsHad a rooftop Easter Hunt.

easter hunt

easter haul

H turned 4 months on Easter day.  Just in time for solids.  His brother fed him some chocolate Easter egg.  Relax, he’s a third child.

easter h

We also went up to the Q1 viewing deck.  There was a lot of selfie action.  I counted 12 selfie portraits in approx 5 minutes.  And don’t worry if you’ve forgotten your selfie stick, the Q1 hires them out.

easter q1 selfies ii

easter q1 selfies

If you’re in Gold Coast, it’s worth a visit.  It costs $22 to enter as an adult, or it’s free if you pose as a potential purchaser at an open house for the sale of the penthouse suite.

We spent the remainder of the Easter week in Hervey Bay, visiting my family.  My mother doesn’t understand why anyone would live anywhere else.

easter hervey bay

easter sunset

easter mermaid ii easter mermaid easter beachIt’s always relaxing.  But 4 days seems to be the magic number.  Then the cousins are overtired and need a break.  It took 7 hours to get to Hervey Bay from Brisbane as we needed to stop several times for food/ toilet breaks for the children.  It took only 3 and a half hours on the way home, when I timed it with their night sleep.

Speaking of sleeps, H has transitioned from the bassinet to the cot.  We inherited the cot from my in-laws.  Pretty sure it doesn’t meet current safety specifications, but my husband assures me he tested it when he was an infant.

h cot

Onto some serious issues of which I seek your counsel- time is running out for me if I want to reenter my former profession.  I haven’t worked in my profession for almost 5 years, and my registration will lapse in a couple of months unless I resume work.   I spent 6 years studying full time to become qualified, so it seems a shame to let it go, but I feel overwhelmed thinking how I could fit it in.  Apart from looking after the boys, I’m now studying teaching (which I think will be a family friendly option) and will graduate at the end of the year.  Has anyone else changed career after having children?  Any advice?

Let me know how your Easter was.


Hi again

So, it’s been awhile.  Firstly, I’m back studying, and have been very busy being a mature age student.  We mature age students have a lot of fun acting overenthusiastic and pretending we’ve completed our assignments earlier than needed- you know, just to keep the youngsters on their toes!  We’ve a stereotype to uphold :) But I’m on holidays now.

Went to GOMA again the other day, and revisited the obliteration room.  Remember we obliterated H when he was 2 and a half months old?

gomi h obliterated

Here he is almost 4 months, being obliterated again.

march gomi obliteration

march gomi

Let’s study my hair in that last photo.  See that bun?  It is the work of a hair donut, which I’m obsessed with at the moment.   Now let’s talk about the balayage.  I was talked into this by the hair dresser as a low maintenance, mummy friendly hair do (I don’t think the hair dresser had children).  There’s a few things I don’t get about this balayage- first, why did it cost $350? And second, why am I paying to make it look instantly like I have 4 months worth of regrowth?

Am still smitten with baby H.  He’s rolling now and loves to laugh at his brothers, even when they torture him.

march baby kiss

march brother cuddles

march brother smother

Loving the cute children’s Eames chair replicas from ALDI last month.

march eames chairs

Life is good at the moment. I haven’t felt this well in years.  I think it’s due to a new revolutionary diet I’m on.  You probably haven’t heard of it lately amongst the paleo/ sugar free/ Atkins/raw foods/ macrobiotic/ gluten free crazes.  It’s called ‘eating sensibly’.

It all started when I purchased spinach leaves at the Fig Tree Pocket Farmer’s markets a few weeks ago.  The farmer had picked them earlier that day, and they tasted amazing, and remained fresh all week, unlike supermarket spinach.  So I’ve been inspired to eat lots of salads, and I feel terrific!  Am thinking about starting on those green juice/ smoothies.  The Fig Tree Pocket Farmer’s markets are held weekly on Wednesdays between 2 and 7. If you go, say high to these guys for me.

march kangaroo ii

Am also loving this new dictaphone option that WordPress has for writing blog posts.  So much easier!

Anyway, the big boys are at kindy, so better make good use of this time.  Might run a marathon or something.  Stay healthy.  Any suggestions for a good green smoothie?

march flowers

Hi there

It’s been a little while.  Have been busy instagramming. So much more efficient then blogging.

I hope you are staying safe Queenslanders. I have the television on, bracing for Marcia, hoping for the best.

Meanwhile we have our own dangers…

gomi snake

Relax. I texted the photo to the snake catcher and she told me it was dead- she could tell from how it’s head was placed???  She wash’t able to confirm the species from the photo.  Perhaps brown or a carpet snake.  We live on a hectare surrounded by bushland, so it was inevitable.

BeFunky_100 front garden ii.jpg

Now if you’re squeamish, don’t read on- go and check out some cute photos of my boys on instagram, because it’s not pretty….
gomi snake pen

My sister laughed when I sent her the second photo.  But, snakes terrify me.  As far as I’m concerned there’s only one place they belong.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 10.20.43 AM

Hope everyone had a lovely valentines.  My boys gave me these roses.

gomi valentines day roses

And this package of love arrived from the Fantastic Mrs Box.  Remember the excitement of a lucky dip when you were young?  Well you can relive the magic with Fantastic Mrs Box, where a new mystery package is delivered each month!  It’s a no fuss gift idea for yourself or a friend.

gomi fantastic mrs box

Finally made it to the Yayoi Kusama obliteration room at the Queensland GOMA.  Kusama, a contemporary Japanese artist, uses dots to cover different surfaces and fill rooms. She calls this process ‘obliteration’, which means the complete destruction of every trace of something.  Here’s H getting obliterated.

gomi familyGomi h

gomi h obliterated

Made another trip to the Gold Coast.  This time we stayed at Broadbeach.

gomi 33 freshwater place

gomi mum and bub gc

gomi boys swimming

They were trying to sell us one of those time share thingies.  Never before have I been so grateful to having clingy children.  The boys put on such a turn at the child care centre, that we were released from our obligation to attend the time share presentation.

gomi gol coast

Stay safe Queenslanders and don’t wear your hermes scarves in the rain.


33, Bubbles …

There I was, minding my own business, being 32 and fabulous.  Next thing I knew, I was 33!  Oprah’s got me looking forward to my 50s, but for now, 33 feels pretty good.

Celebrated with my family on the Gold Coast.

chloe birthday


Plenty of Bubbles to help me celebrate.

christmas eve eve glass of champagne Moet

baby bath ii

chloe ii bubbles iii

Chloe ii bubbles ivchloe ii bubbles

Can you believe Bubbles was my 32nd birthday present?

bubbles and m

A lot can happen in a year!

Here I am celebrating 32 with some of my dearest people.

32 birthday dinner

32 twin

One year later, and there’re both pregnant!

I’ll see them again for cake tonight :)

(My sister’s since moved out of that apartment on account of her flatmate sacrificing 10 chickens inside for some religious festival- I don’t know how he smuggled them in???).

J, the German au pair is holidaying in NZ, so I get these guys all to myself!  Here they are building a shell castle.

chloe boys beachchloe boys

Off to make an angel food cake.


Instagram and Mercury Retrograde

I joined instagram last week.  Am quickly learning the rules.  For instance yesterday I took this picture at Grandads- spot what’s missing….

instagram legs

I know this one’s really easy…. It’s missing my legs!instagram legsii

And what about this picture I took this week at lunch?

instagram burger

Another easy one- it’s taken from the side.  You need to take them from above instagrammers.instagram food overheadIf you’re stuck for instagram ideas- why not take a photo of the magazine you’re reading, the sunset, a bunch of flowers or a cup of coffee- make sure to strategically place a glass of wine/ thongs etc.  Just a few suggestions :) .

Speaking of magazines, let’s talk about the December American Vogue issue, featuring actress Amy Adams on the cover.

vogue cover

Inside you’ll find several letters to the editor thanking them for their return to models on the cover of the November issue.

Meanwhile, the Feed campaign aims to end world hunger by providing 555 meals through the sale of various Feed products.  vogue feedPerhaps they could start with meals for Anna Wintour and some of those skinny models that are always featured?

Of course, if you actually want to read the magazine- you’ll have to skip to pages 74 and 82 for the Contents pages….

What’s gotten into me all of a sudden?  What happened to the cheerful mummyhood tone of this blog????  It’s Mercury Retrograde people which causes havoc with communication, technology and finances.  And this one’s really bad, because it starts and ends in the same sign- aquarius.  Now I’m no expert (Naomi is an authority on such matters), but the global financial crisis happened during the time of a similar event!!! It probably wasn’t wise that I just sold the VW.  Should have sold the Lexus. The craziness is already happening! You probably can’t even read this blog post because you’re internet is playing up….

Deep breaths.  Let’s have some cheerful photos…

Observe my post baby weight loss success thanks to a strategically placed hand and Tar-ssoni sarong (scarf).


And Here’s H’s first swim.

baby swim

And some cute bath time shots

 baby bath ii

baby bath 

Now I’m off to sell some shares and buy gold bullion.  Hope you have a fabulous Australia Day weekend!!!  What are you up to? Any Mercury Retrograde craziness happening?  Tips for using instagram?

 portmans heels rains

portmans heels 3


Mastitis and brisket

Last week I had mastitis.   It wasn’t pretty.  Fevers, chills, headaches.   Delirious, I found myself online shopping. Came across this Alexander Mcqueen patent-leather bracelet on the outnet.

mcqueen bracelet

mcqueen bracelet backmcqueen bracelet ii

I already have one.  Here I am wearing it in hospital, clutching the gas, about to birth H.

mcqueen childbirth

mcqueen bracelet birth ii

H had a matching one.  His and hers.

mcqueen matching bracelets

Brought this instead from Ivy the other day.

mcqueen bracelet ii

I laughed when I read A Year in Fromage’s latest post about a Paris souvenir apron that had breasts printed on the front.

fromage paris apron

Between mastitis, the baby having thrush, and having to pump regularly to boost supply, I find myself often looking like this (minus the apron).   I walk around unhindered, often forgetting that I’m exposing myself.  I lost my hangups after having my eldest 4 years ago.  I broke easily after being milked by several nurses in hospital with a baby who wouldn’t latch.  It didn’t even seem that weird when my dear Doctor friend JL examined me last week, mid-mastitis, showing me the best way to massage out the blocked duct!

I went to a friend’s 34th birthday birthday last night.  He is passionate about Barbecue and will be competing in the Australasian Barbecue Alliance championships in March.  Brisket, chicken, pulled pork, ribs – cooked to perfection on a wooden stove.

mcqueen brisket mcqueen meat mcqueen pork ribs

They even have a team shirt.the combustibles

It’s all very technical.  I’m a barbecue novice.  But I do know about salads.  Here’s my latest- spinach leaves, half a pomegranate, 100 grams of crumbed feta and a sprinkle of chopped walnuts.  Drizzle with balsamic vinegar.

mcqueen salad

Wore this Witchery zebra print dress with this cheerful necklace that our cult leader Faux Fuchsia gave me for Christmas.  Thank you FF!  I luff it.

mcqueen faux fuchsia outfitmcqueen faux fuchsia necklaceSo does the baby.
mcqueen faux fuchsia play necklace

I finally signed up for instagram #latetothetrend #notsurewhatIamdoing.  I’m @housewife_in_heels I think.  We’re going to have so much fun x

Missoni for Target

Happy New Year!!!  I have resolved to save money.  So when I saw that the Missoni for Target range was 50-70% off, I spent up!

This scarf? Reduced to $20!

missoni criss cross bow

I attempted a criss cross bow tie via Mai Tai, and then improvised with the longer scarf, tucking it back through.  Am loving it and now contemplating investing in a few more Missoni scarves.

missoni scarf iii

Amazing how much baby weight you can lose when you stand at the right angle in a shot!

missoni outfit iiimissoni outfit angle

These shoes? Reduced to $25.

missoni shoes ii

missoni accessories

This dress? $159 reduced to $40.

missoni dress side

missoni with bub

This umbrella? Reduced to $15

missoni umbrella

missoni outfit

These bangles? Reduced to $15.

missoni outfit selfie

These cushions? Reduced to $15!missoni cushions

These have been claimed by Dudley, the house poodle.  Here he is recovering from a day of surgery to get his teeth scaled and clipped.  He is a nervous wreck, and no groomer will touch him unless he is sedated!

missoni dudley

There were plenty more savings- Missoni for Target swimmers, baby outfits, muslin wraps etc…..  Perfect for this transition period whilst I lose the baby weight.

I had previously brought a kaftan from the Missoni range full price.  Fool!

missoni kaftan

I am still completely besotted by H.  Sadly, he is currently ugly due to baby acne, so I have included an earlier photo when he was about 2 weeks making a funny face that his eldest brother also used to make.


Another resolution I have is to reply to people who kindly leave comments on the blog.  I always smile when I read them, and mean to reply…

Have you been tempted by the Missoni range?  Saving money shopping in the sales?  Should I buy another Missoni scarf? Had a baby that suffered from baby acne?  Please share- brownies promise I’ll respond!


I am besotted.

baby h iiibaby hii

christmas brothers

I’m enjoying this baby so much.  I love watching him sleep, and wake, and be smothered by his brothers.  I’m much more relaxed this time.  I know babies can’t break easily.    Also, H has been a very sleepy newborn, so there’s been lots of respite.  And time for Christmas baking

We visited family in Hervey Bay for Christmas.  christmas tree

christmas beachchristmas jetski

christmas moet

christmas mum and h

Have you seen the cute clip where the 7 year old caught Santa in the act on video?  Well behold the magic of Santa’s appearance at #12 Bay Apartments, Hervey Bay at 8pm 24th of December.

christmas santa daddy

Like Father, like son.

christmas baby santa

christmas horse

Let us not forget the real meaning of Christmas. Here’s H channeling Jesus in the cousin’s nativity play  (he’s the one in the manger next to his uncle who played a donkey).christmas jesus

Meanwhile my 4 year old was a wiseman, my 3 year old an angel, and my husband a camel :) .

christmas wiseman

christmas nativity play

Boxing Day was spent at Grandads, home to my favourite Christmas tree.  At the right angle you can see 8 trees reflected in the tree grandad iichristmas tree grandad

christmas tree grandad iii

Merry Christmas x

Welcome to the world!

One minute we were at Movieworld

newborn movieworld

The next my waters broke.  Phoned my twin sister to stay the night as I’d been instructed to head straight for the hospital.

Here we are at the last minute comparing pregnant tummies- she’s 15 weeks pregnant (yay!)- and is adamant that she has a baby bump :) .  I’m 39 weeks and 2 days.

newborn twin tummiesMy contractions started at 3am and by 5am I was enjoying an epidural.  At 8:12am, this darling entered the world, weighing 8 pounds 1.5 ounces, or 3665 grams.

newborn delivery

newborn w mummy

He was a healthy 9 on the APGAR scale, but reader, he DID NOT cry at birth!!!  I was a little worried, but the obstetrician assured me that it sometimes happened, and she wasn’t concerned.

Can you believe that some people encapsulate/ eat the placenta?  Apparently it can help improve mood and prevent depression.  Resisted the temptation…

newborn placenta

The hospital stay was pleasant.  Lots of visitors.

newborn visitors

Lots of presents.

newborn flowers

newborn flowers ii

And this darling, who let me have plenty of rest.

newborn dummy

newborn hearing test

He didn’t have a name till day 2, and I’m still not quite committed to the name.  I don’t like to use my boy’s names on the blog, but what’s your take on the name Hxxxx?

Now we’re home and life is good.  The boys adore their brother, and I’m getting there with feeding.newborn boys ii

newborn sandwich

Better get some sleep x