Testing… Testing….

It’s been so long that I had forgotten how to log on and edit my website.  But so much is happening, and maybe I’ve started nesting, because I suddenly feel compelled to write an update.

So we are expecting a baby on the 12th of October!  Any day now…  It’s been a rough pregnancy, with terrible morning sickness for the first 20 weeks.

I was desperate to know the gender, so at 9 weeks took a blood test which supposedly gives you accurate gender results (95% accurate).  The results revealed I was having a boy.  Full disclosure- I was disappointed, and spent the ensuing weeks planning a fifth child- my longed for daughter.  But there will be no more children, as at the 20 week scan, it showed a girl!  I’ve since had two more gender ultrasounds, and the harmony blood test, to confirm it is indeed a girl.

Because we like a challenge, we are moving house tomorrow to temporary digs, whilst we rebuild on our existing block.   The house we’re moving into is not pretty.  In fact, a relative recently purchased the house with the intent of demolishing it.  It is not even worthy of being renovated.

But it is in an excellent location, close to cafes, school and where we are building.  And it is better than my husband’s alternative to buy another property to move into whilst building, with the hopes to develop it and gain tax advantages through it being a principal place of residence.  Because another building project is exactly what you want to tackle when you have a new baby and are building your ‘forever’ home.

Anyway, the move seems under control.  We’ve moved much of our furniture into a storage facility, and will be taking just the basics to the temporary house.  The removalists will be here at 7am tomorrow morning for furniture, but we’ve already started moving/ unpacking boxes.  Am being guided by konmari in decluttering, which is also making the move manageable.

I’m going to have to leave it there for now, as I have to clean the refrigerator and email the gender test company for a refund.

I hope you are well.  Have missed you. x

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19 comments on “Testing… Testing….

  1. Dear HIH, so great to get an update!!!!!! Bit thrilled to hear you have a pink one on the way…. But four boys would have been a cracker, too, and I hear you get straight into Heaven with that on a resume! The move. Gawd. Hope it is not too taxing. Lots of carry-on there I am sure. I had a feeling you weren’t floating around on a Li-Lo somewhere. Lots of best wishes, give us your baby news when you can. Xxx

  2. Hello! congrats, what a lovely little footy team you are having!
    all the very best x

  3. Alicia O'Brien on said:

    Best news ever! Enjoy those girly cuddles. Good luck with it all, hope the move goes well.
    No rest for the wicked hey? love ya xxxx

  4. Caitlin on said:

    So nice to see this post pop up in my inbox!
    Hooray for all the lovely news!
    Have you ever had a baby and NOT moved at the same time? Ha! You do love a challenge!
    I hope it all goes well…the move, the baby, the build!
    Please keep in touch…I have missed you too!

    • admin on said:

      Ha! We had 9 mths to move, but had to leave it to the last minute! Have missed you too- although enjoy your posts of what your darlings are up to. We must catch up one time I’m in Brisbane. I reckon L and H would be super cute together!

  5. Emily Toxward on said:

    Oh congrats, so glad you have that elusive girl on the way!! Much love x

  6. Sydney Shop Girl on said:


    Glad you’re all well. A girl, how exciting!

    Best of luck with the move.

    SSG xxx

  7. Minerva on said:

    Never thought we would hear from you again HIH and I was about to delete you from my list of blogs. Congratulations!!!

  8. Heidi on said:

    Well, I’ve only just got internet back after the storms, but saw your insta post and Congratulations again!! So exciting that you’ve finally welcomed a healthy little girl… but wow – 4 kids and a move and the build…. you’ll be needing a lot of wine around 5pm most days I suspect :) Wishing you smooth sailing and a good sleeper, and good luck with all you have on your plate. She certainly is divine and most assuredly worth it all x

  9. LBTEPA on said:

    HI there HIH! Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it! Congratulations on your soon-to-be new arrival! Girls are so fun! :D

  10. Jessica on said:

    I am so happy to see you back here. I have followed your blog for a while but never commented. I recall you trying out some gender swaying tricks with your third pregnancy and would really love to know what worked for you this time around to get a pink baby.
    What was your magic trick?!?!?
    Anyway congratulations on your new little bundle of sweetness.
    Kind regards, Jessica

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