One year old, camping and moving!

Now where were we?

This young man turned 1 earlier in the month. He was baptised as part of the celebrations.

first birthday cake

first birthday christening

first birthday hamburgers

Remember when he fit in here?

3 halloween costumes Now look at him!fraser h pumpkinfirst birthday bubblesfraser h and bubles iifraser h and bubbles

He has been an absolute joy. His hobbies include feeding himself, feeding me, watching himself on the iPhone, climbing everything, throwing/chasing balls and putting hats and shirts on his head.  He does not like sitting in high chairs (prefers to stand), rafferties packet foods or keeping a hat on his head.

In holiday news, we went camping at Fraser Island last week.

fraser island lake mckenzie ii

fraser island lake mckenzie

fraser killer whale

fraser champagne falls

fraser island boys

fraser 4WD

I was living the dream, floating on an inflatable killer whale down Eli Creek, the envy of all backpackers who had a measly volleyball, and all the Japanese tourists who marvelled at my porcelain skin.   I think I was the whitest person on the island.  There might have been one other white person, but they were hiding under a full body rashie underneath a beach tent somewhere.

But there’s only so much glamping you can do when you have 4 children (aged 6,5,4 and 1) in tow.  My sister had organised blow up mattresses, a tent light/fan contraption and cold coke zero, but she was helpless when half the sleeping equipment fell off the roof as high tide was approaching.  So there I was in my Camilla Kaftan and Jimmy Choos buried under mattresses, sleeping bags and a blown up killer whale, praying that the tent would stay on the roof and that we would not get bogged/ flip over.  It was not glamorous.

My husband was paranoid about the dingos, but we only saw one from a distance the whole time we were there.  I grew up visiting Fraser Island and remember dingos being a constant, but the electric fences seem to have minimised the risk.  If you want a guaranteed sighting of a Wild Dingo, you will have to try the cocktail at Kingfisher Bay resort.

fraser island wild dingo

I saw someone propose yesterday!

fraser marryfraser marry mefraser marry meAlso congratulations to my dear friend Monika Radulovic (okay so I only met her once…. and it was brief) who made the top 5 in the Miss Universe contest!  She can talk world peace as she escaped from war torn Bosnia as a child.  Here she is below at a high tea function wearing her tiara with $200,000 ‘hearts on fire’ diamonds.

fire and ice miss universe

We move to Toowoomba in 2 days.

ice-cream new house view

Which gives me one day to set up for Christmas.

In case I don’t have the internet connected, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.


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5 comments on “One year old, camping and moving!

  1. Merry Christmas to you and yours xx

  2. I am with your husband re the dingoes…and that dream sounded ghastly!! Nonetheless, the camping trip looked fantastic…thank Goodness…because you are going to know you are alive now with the move!!! So nice to hear from you. We will look forward to hearing from you when you settle in.
    Have a nice Christmas and New Year. Xxx

  3. Good luck with the move!! You’re very brave moving cities so close to Christmas – I hope you don’t lose the presents…
    Love the photos of the little man growing up so fast. Can’t believe he’s already 1 and he does sound like the typical youngest in that he’s busy keeping up with the other two.
    Not so sure about the camping trip… but I’m sure the dingos, tent etc, have given all the children some great memories. Merry Christmas and hope you have a restful New Year xxx

  4. Mother Down Under on said:

    I can’t believe you are moving already! I hope it all goes smoothly…and that Santa finds you all at your new abode.
    I hope that you keep up the blog so I can keep up with you and your adventures.

    Happy belated birthday to H…he is such a gorgeous boy!
    I can’t believe our babies are one! And Lyddie loves watching herself on the iPhone too…perils of being a baby in the digital age when your mom uses FaceTime to talk to those back home!

    Have a very merry Christmas and the best 2016!

  5. Tamera Beardsley on said:

    So lovely to see a bit into your world my dear! Such beauty!

    Wishing you and your a most marvelous New Year … Looks as though you are well on your way!!

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