Feeder etc.

We have already established that I’m a Feeder.  So given my husband’s late mother was American, we’ve adopted Thanksgiving with great excitement.  I take great pleasure in feeding my guests turkey, pie, and all the calories that scream Thanksgiving success.

It might be 32 degrees and humid, but I am committed.

thanksgiving table

thanksgiving pie

We never did catch that Superbutcher Turkey thief that tried to sabotage our 2013 Thanksgiving. I know better now- I daren’t leave it to the last minute- made sure I had this one a week before.  Plenty of time to marinade in citrus brine goodness.

thanksgiving turkey

Also, this year I made sure to serve the walnut and sage stuffing that I made but forgot to serve in the Great 2014 turkey debacle. Woolworth’s was out of fresh sage, so Forgive me Father, but I used dried sage.  Nobody was any the wiser.

I am mindful of making my meals look homemade- I would hate to be accused of outsourcing a pumpkin pie.

thanksgiving pie base

In my opinion, Australians do not eat enough Turkey.  It is so easy and one of the leanest meats available. Just cover in Aluminium foil, cook at 180 degrees for 40 mins per kilogram, and baste in 100 grams of butter every 30 mins.  Imagine all those cranberry, camembert, turkey sandwiches you could have for the remainder of the week.

Jacaranda season is my favourite time of the year.  Sadly, the season has almost ended.  And all that is left are these photos.

thanksgiving jacarandathanksgiving jacaranda tree ii

I wasn’t able to fully appreciate them this year on account of being stressed with my teaching prac placement.  It is over now, and according to the Queensland College of Teachers, I am registered!!!!  It was a test, but I made it!

Mums and Dads of school aged children, hug your teachers- tight- squeeze them.  Know that they were probably up till 12 am planning lessons for your darlings.  They probably spent 20 minutes trying to justify why your child should be awarded an +/- in a subject area.   Know that they stayed up the night before coming up with a worthy recipient for the student of the week award for school parade.

It was a tough 6 weeks, but I had a class of absolute darlings. Wouldn’t have swapped any one of them.

Thank goodness for C, our German au pair.  She was an absolute trooper, helping out wherever she could.   She is practically a super model, which everyone keeps reminding me.  These are exactly the words you want to hear about your au pair…

In sports news, my 3 year old turned 4.  He celebrated with a rugby themed party.

thanksgiving 4th birthday

He is obsessed with sports.  One day he will be a famous tennis player, rugby player and soccer player, as well as a policeman.  He will be very busy.

Here is his rugby cake.  Another chance to feed people!

thanksgiving birthday cake

I dressed up as a cheerleader.  Will spare you the photos.

I plan on visiting here more regularly.  I have so many exciting things to share. Let’s keep in touch. x

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12 comments on “Feeder etc.

  1. Heidi on said:

    Wow – you have been busy!! All that feasting plus a 6 week placement and how old is the baby?? The meal looks fabulous.
    Your Au Pair sounds fantastic. I’ve had friends with very mixed experiences with theirs (some in the horror category), so you’re lucky she is able to do a good job stepping in while you’re teaching and helping keep things running. Well done on finishing all the requirements for becoming registered too.

    • admin on said:

      That baby will be 1 in two sleeps! He is practically a toddler- about to take off. The Au Pair is great- have also heard of horror stories. We’ve been very fortunate. x

  2. Flora on said:

    Dear HIH
    So lovely to hear from you! Congratulations on your accreditation! I am proud of you. Your cooking looks great. The footy cake is fabulous. The Wallaby logo is spot on. I look forward to hearing from you. Xxxx

  3. Cilla on said:

    Good to see you back, my dear.
    You are a feeder, I am an eater. We should meet again :D

  4. Mother Down Under on said:

    Yay! So lovely to hear from you!
    I am glad that all is well. And congratulations on finishing uni and prac and becoming a teacher!
    I just made a pie this year for Thanksgiving. I went with Martha Stewart’s pecan pie…always a winner. I don’t bother with the turkey and all the trimmings any more. I just can’t deal with spending a day in the kitchen in the heat! I admire your dedication.
    And when is H’s birthday? I can’t believe that we are (yet again) mothers of one year olds! Where is my baby?

  5. Sydney Shop Girl on said:

    Congrats on the accreditation!!!!!!!!
    SSG xxx

  6. Faux Fuchsia on said:

    thank God you are back!!!

  7. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    I made turkey mince tacos last week! Oh how did we become mothers of four year olds?! Time flies hey? Mine is a little character and I can surely see her being trouble when she in school lol. Well done on your registration. You are amazing xx

  8. Yay, I have missed reading your blog! The Thanksgiving Celebrations looked like lots of fun. Congratulations on passing your Prac! I finished mine and promptly applied to Qantas to be a Flight Attendant! I couldn’t cope with the noise levels! Emma

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