New babies etc

So much has happened since we last caught up.  Welcome to the world niece M!

hospital baby m ii

hospital newborn

And welcome C!

hospital baby c


hospital flowers iii

hospital flowers

They were born days apart in the same hospital as my Dad is in, whilst he recovers from his stroke.  So I’ve been busy doing ward rounds.

We have visited the girls a few times, but since I care so much about them, we are mostly staying away!  With three young boys, we are hardly a calming presence.

hospital newborn m and h

hospital home newborns

To think H was a newborn 6 months ago.

hospital baby h bubbles

Now he is crawling, and pulling himself up.  He is still as delightful as ever and I am still smitten.

Went to the Red Rose Fund’s annual gala the other night.  This year’s charity was the pyjama foundation, where pyjama angels spend an hour a week reading to a foster child.  The theme was Once Upon a Time and it was held at Gabbinbar homestead in Toowoomba.

red rose fund venue ii

red rose fund venue

red rose fund ferris wheel

red rose fund centrepiece

red rose fund dessert

red rose fund ball room

I wore the Camilla dress with my Game of Thrones bolero (still grieving the loss of Jon Snow).

red rose fund outfitred rose fund shoes

They went high-tech this year and had an online auction component.  I think my husband won some Broncos tickets.

Another big change for us is the return of J (our au pair) to Germany.  I think she deserves her own post (one day I will write one).  But for the record, I love her and am forever indebted. She was a Mary Poppins- structured, organised, reliable, warm, generous, fair.

Here we are doing the discover Brisbane bus tour on one of her last nights.

hospital beanies

discover brisbane
discover brisbane ii

Servus J!

My baby boy turned 5 yesterday, but I’m leaving the details for another post.  Already so many big news stories.  To be continued….

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8 comments on “New babies etc

  1. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    A niece, how wonderful. Now you have someone to buy all the pretty clothes for x

  2. the hipsterette on said:

    Yes, what lovely rosy babies you have in your life – lucky you! I have to say the “once upon a time” theme for the Red Rose Fund’s gala was perfect – the setting looks magical – I love the hanging lights festooned with ivy (?) And how about those table centrepieces! At first I thought they were ferris wheels, but that can’t be right, can it? Brisbane by bus at dusk looks pretty magical too!

    • admin on said:

      The hanging lights is now available for hire for future events!!!! And well spotted re the ferris wheel. I think there were 5 in total, and they were sold online for $115 a piece :) . It was a magical night. Hope to one day be a pyjama angel!

  3. Mother Down Under on said:

    Look at all those gorgeous babies!
    I can’t believe ours are six months…it is all going by too quickly!
    I didn’t know that Brisbane did bus tours…the things you learn thanks to blogs!

  4. Flora on said:

    The babies are cute!!! So happy for everyone! Seemed like only yesterday that we were all hoping for that little gift for your sister. The boys on the top deck of the bus look so funny! You are a good stick for travelling to Toowoomba and supporting the fund-raiser. If you’ve got the resources to do these things; it’s important it is share. Hope your Dad is travelling better than okay. Stay lovely, dear HIH. Xx

  5. Sydney Shop Girl on said:

    Congrats on the safe arrival of the new little ones to your extended family.

    Sending much love and light to your dad as he recovers.

    SSG xxx

  6. Heidi on said:

    Lovely news on the new baby front, and hope all is going well with your Dad’s recovery from the stroke. It sounds like you’ve been a very regular visitor to the hospital, hope he’s out soon. The dinner looks fun and love your furry bolero! xx

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