Have you ever been at a multiple prize draw, where an annoying person seems to win everything?  Yesterday, that was me!!!!  I won 3 of the 20ish prizes at a school fete.  I’d left  before the winners were announced, but my sister in law was there to collect my prizes.  Apparently, people were accusing the raffle of being rigged. Ha! The cheek.  Lucky I wasn’t there or I would have been squealing, and high fiving everyone and running victory laps!!!  I’m so excited, I may as well have won first prize in lotto. So these Adirondack chairs are mine..fete adirondack chairsAnd so is this esky full of coronas…

fete esky

And the ‘Dad’s pick’ prize with chainsaw and truck driving lessons!fete dads bookPinch me!

Speaking of lessons, I went surfing last week. You must try it.  Make sure you have a wet suit.  And avoid being in a group with 20 something year old co-ordinated Swiss boys.  I was a bedraggled mess, but I loved every minute of it.  Especially at the beginning when it seemed doable.  I barely stood for a few seconds, but as the surf instructor reminded me, the most important part was that I enjoyed it :)


Still waiting on these babies.  At least one will come tomorrow.

shingle inn pregnant

baby shower coconut icebaby shower rock pops ii

Dad’s getting better.  He’s just lost a few words which is slightly frustrating for him.

So have you ever surfed?  Won any prizes lately? Chat soon x

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6 comments on “Winner

  1. Cilla on said:

    Yay for you!
    And good on you for having a go at surfing. I’ve never done it but have done stand up paddleboarding which is fun.

  2. Brasilian_Babe on said:

    How wonderful! Congrats on winning the prizes.

    Also hoping for a quick recovery for your Dad.

  3. Sydney Shop Girl on said:

    Sorry to hear about dad but glad he is on the mend.

    Great prize haul!

    Stay fabulous,

    SSG xxx

  4. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    Well done you, awesome prizes. I hope you are going to take those truck driving lessons! Hope your Dad keeps making big recovery steps x

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