Happy Mothers day etc.

Happy Mothers Day!!!

shingle inn flowers

shingle inn mothers day family

shingle inn mothers day
I had a lovely day with the boys.  The highlight was a ‘concert’ they performed at night.  Summersaults, Lion King songs, tickets they’d had their father forge etc. My favourite Mother’s Day yet. Felt very blessed.

My best friend will be having a baby on Monday. Expect that I’ll be visiting her and my sister in hospital at the same time!!!

shingle inn pregnant

We had an afternoon tea at Shingle Inn in the Town Hall to celebrate

- the oldest cafe in Brisbane (they have fitted the Town Hall with the original cafe).

Food was ordinary, but friends and atmosphere were A+++. 
shingle inn high tea

I finally had cause to wear my Game of Thrones balero.

shingle inn outfit ii

shingle inn outfit

The Brisbane Mayor sat in a booth at the back.  These two did not care.  They disgraced themselves, rolling around the floor as though they were at a kindy gym.  Youngsters these days..

shingle inn cute babies

I will be visiting my father in hospital at the same time as the newborns.  Sadly, he had a minor stroke last week (the expressive area of his brain was effected).  He seems to be making a speedy recovery. At 82, he’s already had 9 lives.  He broke his neck 15 years ago, has had several knee/hip replacements, heart stints etc.  No doubt he’ll be riding horses and flying planes again in no time.

shingle inn grandad

Had a teddy bears picnic with the kindy on the weekend.  Those kindy mums sure know how to bake.

shingle inn teddy bears picnic teddt
shingle inn teddy bears picnic food shingle inn teddy bears picnic shingle inn breakfast

Were you spoilt on Mothers Day? Did you ever make concerts for your parents when you were growing up?  Ever have reason to visit multiple people in the hospital at the same time?  Take care x

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8 comments on “Happy Mothers day etc.

  1. Cilla on said:

    What a wonderful Mother’s Day x
    Wishing your dad a speedy recovery

  2. Flora on said:

    Lovely Mothers Day for you! Nice to see darling Dudley, too. How old is he now?
    There’s some big and stirring emotions seeing photos of oldies with babies in their arms. Life hits home doesn’t it with that photo. xxx wish your dad well.
    Very excited for your sister.
    Have been very lucky regarding hospitals in this arm of the family. Nothing to report there. Thank goodness.

  3. coulda shoulda woulda on said:

    Hope your father gets better and makes a full recovery x

  4. Mother Down Under on said:

    Wishing your father a fast and full recovery.

    I just noticed the Shingle Inn in Paddington has closed (which I am happy about as I generally dislike chain options). I hope that something good goes in that space…I still miss Lark and their delicious fries!

    • admin on said:

      Agree re chain options, although there’s something special about the original Shingle Inn at the Town hall!

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