Baby shower and Anzac day

So it was my sister’s baby shower on the weekend. It’s a miracle she managed to get pregnant, being gay and all.  But divine intervention!  Another miracle? It’s a girl!  Sugar and spice and all things nice.

I am a Feeder.  I love to feed people.  So there was a lot of baking.

k baby shower

baby shower lolly pops

baby shower coconut ice

baby shower marshmallows

baby shower white rocky road

baby shower champagne flutes

baby shower sweets

baby shower pom poms

baby shower champage

baby shower champagne

Also had divine sandwiches and quiches.  Must share the recipes some time.

Here’s my sister with her 37 week bump (she’s the one on the right).

baby shower sister photosI wore a $40 Tar-ssoni dress (missoni for Target). 

Speaking of dresses, so many adorable options for baby girls:

pink dress

I did not manage to attend the Anzac parade last week, as I was at a kindy event, but I did take along some homemade Anzac biscuits.

anzac biscuits mine

So did K (the Dr who performed my last pap smear before I realised she was my son’s  friend’s mother).  Apparently, she used the same recipe as me.  I think my measurements must have been off, because these were hers.  anzac biscuits k

My grandfather Jack fought in the First World War (my father was 48 when I was born).  According to the national archives, Jack was 19 years and 7 months when he enlisted.  He fought on the Western Front and had lifelong issues after being gassed.  Will have to find out more details from my father.

Here’s my nephew wearing Jack’s medals to his local Anzac day parade.

anzac medalsOn the domestic front, I cannot sew, and handed in my twins tracksuit pants in year 8 home economics (after she’d been graded for them- we were in the same class) in order to pass.  If only my year 8 home economic teacher could see me now:

anzac diy jeans

Distressed them myself.  I tried the grater approach, but had more succes pulling threads with tweezers perpendicular to two cuts in the jeans.

anzac jeans diy

anzac shoe ii

anzac crawling

Any news from your end?

P.S.  So excited about our new princess!


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14 comments on “Baby shower and Anzac day

  1. Flora on said:

    Well, I know QUITE a number of Home Economists….and you might be in trouble. I suppose you forged a Sewing Machine License, too???? Mmmm….Yes?
    So excited about your sister. How truly beautiful. Bit excited it’s a girl, too…,you need a few more girls in your brood.
    Your Anzacs might only be a B-, it appears you might have been side-tracked during measuring or mixing….
    However those crystal sticks are A+++++!!! How good are they??? Good job, dear HIH. Xxx

    • admin on said:

      The Anzac biscuits were disappointing. The chrystal sticks were A+, but quite the process. There were ants, and two retakes!!! Shame on me re the tracksuit pants- I was such a good girl too. My twin got an A- and I got a B+ for the same pants!!! Where’s the reliability???! Looking forward to a girl x

  2. Cilla on said:

    Those shooooz!
    I must confess that I don’t understand distressed jeans.
    But to each their own.
    So so happy for your lovely sis xx

  3. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me on said:

    My goodness to have a grandfather in WWI – you’re one of few living relatives alive. What a fabulous looking baby shower you put on.

    • admin on said:

      My sister’s 6th grade teacher refused to believe she was the granddaughter of a WW1 veteran. I remember my mother being on the defence, and marching in, insisting she was!

  4. Mother Down Under on said:

    Your rock candy sticks turned out so well!
    I am so excited for your sister…all the best as she approaches the birth!
    And I had my mom make my home economics project for me.

  5. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    Love the shoes, not so much the snake. I don’t get ripped jeans. I know they’re all the rage, but just can’t get past it. I had no problem with them when I was younger, relished in them when they were fashionable back then. Well done on the baby shower, you did a fab job x

  6. The Hipsterette on said:

    Yes, your “princess” and Kate/William/George’s “princess” will be twins – very close in age anyway – so you can track their progress through life together! Hope that they are both wonderful!

    • admin on said:

      My sister is very disappointed that the princess is a Charlotte, as Charlotte was shortlisted. Now she needs a new name!

  7. Heidi on said:

    You’ve just illustrated the reason why I refuse to buy already ripped jeans. I can do it myself (and frequently do after spending too much time crawling around on the floor doing trains/ trucks/ puzzles or just finding stuff my kids drop on the floor). Also, it reminds me of the 80′s when my sisters and I would spend a long time ripping our jeans very carefully to look like Madonna. They were all high waisted, stonewashed, belted at the waist and baggy. Kind of similar to what’s in now (well, apart from stonewash which I’ve heard is coming back).
    Love the baby shower snaps – good luck to your sister in her final weeks. Exciting times in your family! xx

  8. Nik on said:

    Bit late catching up on all your latest posts. The sugar crystal sticks worked out a treat … but can you tell me what they’re used for? I’m never quite sure. The shoes are divine and great job on the jeans. All the best to your sister. How exciting!!!

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