The dark side of CLs…

 Did you see anything disturbing in my last post?  See those beautiful “Christian Louboutin” Bow Satin D’Orsay Pink ones?

100 shoes iii100 shoeSadly, they have a dark side.

100 shoes iiThat sole just isn’t glossy like it should be…

christian lououtin

They are fake!  Purchased off ebay, from a naive seller who herself  had purchased them from ebay and genuinely believed them to be real.  It’s always a risk with an internet purchase, especially a small time seller. It is sad.  I hate to support an evil industry.  There is one winner in all this: Bubbles.


Now that it’s April, let’s talk Easter.

easter buns cooked iieaster hatchlin alaneaster- egg sandcastle alan

easter breakfast tableeaster breakfastI’ve been training hard for Easter.  Eating chocolate year round.

chocolate shoesI read in the Courier Mail the other day that chefs are frustrated at food selfies.  Apparently it destroys the ambience and you should just enjoy your food.  If you insist on taking a photo of your food, you’ve got 5 seconds. So here we go… ’00 acre bar at Hillstone, St Lucia:

BeFunky_100 acre bar lunch.jpgBeFunky_100 acre bar kids meal.jpg

pretty flowers

Any ebay horror stories?  Are you taking longer than 5 seconds on food selfies?  Eating chocolate eggs and hot cross buns already?

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15 comments on “The dark side of CLs…

  1. faux fuchsia on said:

    Sorry to hear about the Cls. I have never bought anything from ebay!! x

  2. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me on said:

    I think chefs are looking at it the wrong way, at least people are finding another way to enjoy their cuisine! Love the shoe chocolates. The eggs shell photo of your son is a real crack up! Boom Tish. Happy Easter!

  3. Cilla on said:

    Oh Dear!

    I have been on a very low carb diet for the last couple of weeks. No easter eggs or HCBs here. I am feeling angryyyyy.

  4. coulda shoulda woulda on said:

    I just can’t get my act in gear with ebay – I keep meaning to sell everything there but I haven’t even bought stuff there – the bidding stuff gets me all worked up. Plus there is this whole thing you bring up about fakes – even well meaning people get caught out as you say! The puppy has been eaten about 4 shoes luckily not dear ones but my fave flipflops…Choc is not my weakness – I adore potato chips. I once saw someone take different angles of the croutons on her soup for about 5 minutes tweeting and instagramming it and then sent it back bc it was cold…x

  5. Flora on said:

    I have been sucked in and ripped off via what I thought was real Chanel via a seller in America. Good grief, I shelled out $380 AUS for a pair of pearl earrings. They had little Chanel icons painted and attached in metal all over. Beautiful. I wore them once and all the paint and little metal CCs and mini camellia symbols were flaking and flying off!!! I was totally shocked. I have never bought ONE thing since.
    I love your little one hatching. I was given a Lindt bunny by a junior chalkface worker today and I don’t know what came over me!!! I ate it while I marked the class roll…to the tunes of ‘here’.
    I hope I don’t get worse as Easter approaches!

  6. Brasilian_Babe on said:

    I’m sorry to hear about your CLs. It is crazy how some of the fakes look so much like the real deal. I have bought several pairs on Ebay from reputable sellers, but I’m always very scared of fakes, so always have things authenticated on The Purse Forum because they have a Christian Louboutin section too.

    I went out to dinner the other day with my husband the other day and had a very young couple sit at the table next to ours. I’ll admit, i love people watching, and this couple, barely said a word to each other all night. Took photos of every single plate of food that got put in front of them and spent most of the time on their mobile phones. It was a bit bizarre.

  7. Kylie Purtell on said:

    Love the egg shell pic!

    I never take food selfies, I’m always too embarrassed!

  8. Sydney Shop Girl on said:

    Oh no! Sorry to hear about the shoes.

    I’m getting too hungry and inpatient for food selfie taking these days.

    SSG xxx

  9. Fashionista on said:

    Fakes are a scourge. I think what annoys me more though is that because fakes are so ubiquitous, it is assumed everything is fake. And sometimes it isn’t. There are those of us who actually buy and treasure the real thing. I must admit not from Ebay though. My rule of “if it sounds too good to be true then it generally isn’t true” usually quashes any Ebay shopping fantasies. Food selfies, pah, I couldn’t be bothered. I’m there to eat a lovely dinner and drink lovely wine and have lovely conversation. Hence my rule of “no electronic devices at the dinner table”. And that goes for any dinner table anywhere. I have been known to confiscate said devices, turn them off and lay them face down in front of me until the end of dinner. I would put them in my handbag but my chic little evening clutches barely have room for a lipstick and a credit card……..

  10. Heidi on said:

    That’s very sad about the shoes. They were so pretty, I loved the bow! But Bubbles has a lovely new toy. Lets just hope he can differentiate between fakes and reals a little better than his owner!
    I can’t be bothered taking photos a lot of the time. This is what makes me a fairly bad blogger. That couple who didn’t talk and took photos of food.. well, that’s just so sad! xx

  11. thehowtomummy on said:

    I’m a big fan of the food selfie. Chefs are up themselves aren’t they?
    Love the china.

  12. Rita @ The Crafty Expat on said:

    Oh no for the shoes… But, how did you discover they were fake?

  13. My friend also got done on ebay buying fake Manolos. When she approached the seller, she was told the same thing – that she’d also bought them from ebay and thought they were real. A quick check of the sellers other products showed this wasn’t the case – she was selling heaps of them. My friend demanded her money back and kept the shoes but has never worn them because they aren’t so special now that she knows they are fake. She was so disappointed.

  14. Jody Brettkelly on said:

    Gosh, fancy that about the soles. i was reading the other day about a woman who loved laboutins but not the red soles and magic markered the red away! Yes, big stories in papers here about people snapping away at the food all through their meals _ I am a repeat offender. There are even people here who use table tripods

  15. Flora on said:

    Dear HIH
    We miss you! Where on Earth are you? Come back to us! Flora xxx

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