I love Christmas.  I’ve been training hard all year for this.  Baking, eating yummy foods whenever possible, buying myself presents and lazing around at any given opportunity.  So I was ready.

We kicked off the holidays with a visit to Bethlehem, at the Indooroopilly Uniting Church.  It’s really very special.  Everyone takes it seriously- the soldiers, the census counters, the innkeepers, the wisemen.

bethlehem soldier Bethlehem market place

I don’t mean to namedrop, but I knew ‘Mary’ and ‘Joseph’!  They were regulars at the playgroup we used to attend.  Got them to break character as I met their gorgeous baby girl who was playing ‘Jesus’.  So adorable.

Can’t imagine being an unmarried pregnant women was easy for Mary in that era when unwed mothers were ostracised.  Just imagine her defence- “no it’s okay guys, God’s the father.  Ask the angels!!!”

Christmas Eve at Grandads is always a big deal.

Christmas tree sunset granddads ii

christmas grandads tree

The first order of business is always opening presents.  The boys were so excited.  But my eldest wasn’t satisfied till he’d opened the Buzz Lightyear that he’d spotted in the cupboard a few weeks earlier!

christmas eve boys outfits

opening presents

boys with presents

christmas eve peru nativity scene

Then the main event- the dinner.  All the regulars came to the table- Wedgewood, Royal Doulton and Villeroy and Bosch….

Christmas ii eve table

Christmas ii eve ii table

…as well as some newcomers- Valentino, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin….

leopar valentino

christmas eve leopard dress

christmas eve leopard dress birds eye

And of course these guys:

adults christmas table

children's table

christmas eve prawn and mango entree

My iPhone ran out of batteries at this point.

christmas tree lights nightChristmas day was spent at my sister in law’s, A.  A makes Martha Stewart look average.  She’s gifted in all things catering, decorating and Aunty related.  She claimed this was her first ham, but you’d never have known.  I can also recommend her baked cauliflower which was based on the the latest Women’s Weekly recipe.

christmas ham

christmas turkey25 christmas tree 25 Christmas tree ii

Christmas ii lunch table A

Christmas baubles AChristmas day outfit chloe

 I wore a Chloe frock with a mimco ring and a gold Christmas hat.

Christmas outfit ChloeChristmas ChloeWhile my nephew’s spray painted their dog M’s hair green and red.

Christmas M christmas colours

Santa card

christmas cake

25 gingerbread

 I’m going to leave the Boxing day get together for another post, but here’s a sneak peak.

Christmas boxing day pool

Christmas boxing day poolside

And I braved the Boxing Day sales.  It was busy.  Lucky I’m competitive. And I had a double pram- the other shoppers didn’t stand a chance!

Merry Christmas everybody.  I hope you enjoyed lots of ham, turkey, pudding and seafood with loved ones. How was it?

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9 comments on “Christmas

  1. coulda woulda shoulda on said:

    Looks like you had a splendid Xmas – I went to an Italian friends house who don’t have the same traditions so we had lamb and polenta with no xmas pudding to sneer at. Valentino hasn’t returned my call so I had to wear unglamorous clothes amongst the various chic crowd – lucky I am not vain. Love pics of kids opening pressies – it is such a great memory!

    • Hope you had a lovely time. My Mother often serves a lamb for Christmas. It’s always a winner. The children opening presents was the highlight. My eldest is a consumer- wants everything, my youngest would have been satisfied with a $1 slinky. He opened his expensive gifts then stuck to whatever his brother was interested in!

  2. Love the outfits! You look very chic. And brave to wear a fitted dress on Christmas day. My skirt had an elastic waist, which was needed.
    Love the light sabre action. Looks like a wonderful day, and fab food. xxx

    • Will wear an elastic waist next year. The light sabres are amongst their favourite gifts, although one broke on day one! Fortunately my husband got a replacement today to restore peace in the household. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family Heidi x

  3. Mother Down Under on said:

    I love all your frocks!
    And that food! I am still stuffed from Christmas but I think I could make room for some of that ham and cauliflower!
    After my Aldi Thermo Cook shop off, I couldn’t brave the sales…I did some online shopping in the safe comfort of my own home though.
    And I wish I had a white dog so I hair spray her for Christmas…so festive! She doesn’t appreciate the elf hat I got her!

    • The sales are a little intimidating if you don’t have a double pram to pave your way through ;) Online shopping is the answer.

  4. Lovely day for all! That food showcase looks amazing. That is the neatest ham I have ever seen. Not to mention that layered seafood salad!!! Who has the carefully measured skill and nerves to pull that off on Christmas Day?? You Dad’s home has so many classical decor items and furnishings. I went to the Sales. Harrowing. I only spent $19 at Mimco. That’s it. Mr Fascinata asked me how it was, when I told him I spent only that much he was incredulous, saying to me ‘why, why did you go for???’ Men don’t get it. Mind you, I might go back…xx

  5. Yum, baked cauliflower!
    I am in bne next weekend, mebbe see u then?

  6. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    Christmas day was busy, busy for me. Everyone lobbed round here for lunch, I hardly sat. Had a good one though. Looks like you did too.

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