Escargot and Hugh

My au pair will be spending Christmas travelling with her French best friend in their Camper van they purchased.  I love her, so organised an early French inspired Christmas party for her and her friend E.

french xmas tablefrench xmas table iii

french xmas table ii

french xmas escargot ii

Sit down, because that escargot came in a tin! (Canned escargot!)

french xmas iv

The shells are sold separately.  Make sure you get the French ones, and not the Indonesian impostors.  I prepared Escargots a la Bourguignonne, or snails in garlic-herb butter.  The link is here, but I warn you, there’s a whole stick of butter in there.

french xmas snail

french xmas escargot prepared

and my very own parsley harvested from my herb garden!

Dudley, my toy poodle, refuses to eat dog biscuits, but he is partial to escargot, since he is French.
poodle and snail
And my toddler, who refuses to eat oysters and caviar, has an appetite for escargot.  He can also count to ten in French!

french xmas t escargot

Despite being stunningly beautiful, A is a fabulous au pair.  She is firm but fair, and such fun.  She’s only 20, but I value her input and child rearing advice greatly, because she is French, and those French children know how to behave.  Think Pamela Druckerman’s “French Children Don’t Throw Food”- I never read the book, but I read Mother Down Under’s review.  A requires good manners from the boys and accepts no nonsense, but she also plays silly games that have the boys in hysterics. She also made these Eiffel Tower cookies.

eiffel biscuits tower

au pair

I don’t have an iPhone/instagram, but I’m going to sporadically participate in Styling You’s #everydaystyle movement. Don’t tell Collette Dinnigan, but today I’m wearing a Tory Burch Kaftan with witchery jeans and $15 Kmart flats.

tory burch kaftan kaftan

xmas watermelon

christmas lights
Now on a sad note, have you heard about Hugh’s plight?  He’s a beautiful 3.5 year old, that suffers from Alper’s syndrome, a degenerative disease that is life limiting.  Despite significant suffering, he remains bright spirited and cheeky.  His story and his families commitment to the cause is inspirational.  It’s especially hit me hard, as he is the same age as my eldest.  If you want to read about Hugh and donate money to his cause, here’s the link. I’m going to hug my babies extra tight tonight.  You should too.
We can learn so much from Hugh and his mother Ali.
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13 comments on “Escargot and Hugh

  1. Mother Down Under on said:

    Now I want a French au pair! So I can eat escargot and so Toddler C can count in French!
    I actually used to love escargot as a kid…my grandfather used to take me out for escargot and souffles!
    I hope that you all have a very merry Christmas and a great start to 2014!
    I know I dropped the ball on drinks, but we must catch up in January!

    • Escargot is much nicer than I expected. Will definitely catch up for drinks in January. Got your card today- it was so beautiful!!!! I hope your family has a wonderful Australian Christmas. x

  2. Sarah @ Slapdash Mama on said:


  3. Kacie @ Lady Bear on said:

    I can understand the trepidation with eating oysters and caviar but anything dripping in butter is bound to be a winner.

  4. I love butter, garlic and parsley. Snails, not so much.
    Enjoy x

  5. So pleased the au pair has worked out so well. Don’t go ‘letting yourself go’ if you are going to wear caftans! LOL, silly old Collette. I love those buttery garlicky snails. I was going to say to back when you were throwing out a ‘snail lifeline’ to get a tin. But, I doubted myself, and then became afraid of a barrage of criticism. Frankly, I think they use tins even in Paris! The quality is brilliant. I have to tell you a snail story…since you are becoming a teacher! Once when I had parent teacher interviews, Mr Fascinata was left unattended and had to manage his own dinner. I came home and there was no evidence of cooking, I asked him what he’d had. He had opened a tin of snails that were in the pantry for ages, and had eaten them out of the can. I tell you, it put me off for a while. I felt ill.
    My poodle won’t eat dry biscuits either!!! I actually steam chicken and rice for him every few days. It’s all he eats. Prepare yourself for him to keep going till he’s 17 years young!
    Beautiful support and love through the network for darling Hugh. Nice work.

  6. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me on said:

    I feel so grateful for the health of my darlings, it’s so important. You ARE a feeder aren’t you?? They look yummy! If we don’t ‘speak’ before Christmas, have a very happy day with lots of laughs and champers! Em :)

  7. Thankyou for the shout out for Hugh today. It means an incredible amount that people care so much. We have been blown away with the support! Can’t say I’m game to try snails, although anything done in butter is better! I was looking at Collette Dinnigan’s book last week – Its $250. I could buy a kaftan with that. I’ll get it in the sales.
    Best wishes

  8. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    I’d go a bucket of oysters anyday, before I ate a snail!

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