Fess up.  Who stole the turkey I’d ordered from Eagle Farm Super Butcher for our family thanksgiving dinner on Saturday?  It was placed in the corner with my name on it.  The nerve!  Had to have chickens instead.  No matter how much butter you add, it’s still a chicken.

thanksgiving chickens and butter

thanksgiving chicken

All the big names came to the table.  Joseph Conran (for Wedgewood), Villeroy and Bosch, Vera Wang (for Wedgewood), and Royal Doulton.

thanksgiving table

thanksgiving table ii

thanksgiving lemon and aapple centre piece ii

thanksgiving roses

I have learned recently, that I am a feeder.  I am not a weirdo with a fat fetish, but I like to feed people.  It brings me great satisfaction.  So there was lots of food.  Pumpkin, corn, mashed potato, Waldorf salad, and authentic gravy- not a scant of gravox- just a little chicken drippings, white wine and cornflour stirred on the stove by my sister in law who is gifted in gravy making.

thanksgiving food ii

thanksgiving chicken servedthanksgiving dinner platedthanksgiving family

thanksgiving dinner

thanksgiving caramel tarts

thanksgiving turkey

thanksgiving scrub turkey

Checked out my sisters new digs on Sunday.  Love her view of the story bridge.thanksgiving story bridge and boysHad a Marilyn Monroe moment in this Pianarustudio skirt on her balcony.

thanksgiving story bridge skirt iithanksgiving story bridge view with skirt

thanksgiving chanel

And because I am a feeder, I had some day care mums over for a barbecue on Sunday night.
thanksgiving bbq table

The bbq meat was accompanied by a Waldorf salad.  If you want to get out of your salad rut, chop some red apples, halve some red seedless grapes, add in some walnuts and torn butter lettuce leaves- drizzle in some mayonnaise and lemon.  And eat.
thanksgiving waldorf salad

My favourite meal is always dessert.  Frankly, I consider the main an entree to dessert.  So served up some caramel tarts, rum balls, as well as a red velvet cake that J brought along.

thanksgiving bbq dessert photo shopped

thanksgiving bbq rum balls
thanksgiving pinnk roses

I missed the deadline to put up my Christmas tree.  Relax, I will get onto it.  I love Christmas. So many occasions to get together and feed people.
29 night christmas tree 2
29 christmas tree lights
Anyone with information relating to the whereabouts of the turkey thief will get a reward x
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17 comments on “Thanksgiving

  1. Flora on said:

    That Turkey theft is outrageous. I’m onto it. That view is wonderful. It would be quite relaxing, provided no-one’s afraid of heights. Good to see you don’t scrimp when feeding your friend’s faces. Whoever makes red velvet cake gets my vote. That Chanel gold baroque pearl is drool-worthy. Good to see the tree up, you heeded my advice last time. X

    • admin on said:

      The red velvet cake was made by the Bred bakery in the IGA complex at Milton. It was divine.
      Thought of you when I was trawling ebay for bargains- people were selling Chanel packaging!!! You will make a fortune from your collection :)

  2. Heidi on said:

    So annoying about the turkey. I used to regularly have my standard loaf of sourdough bread stolen from the Deli in the markets that would keep it aside from me. Except it was usually one of the staff members who would sell it before I’d got there. Eventually, I had to move on to a different stallholder with inferior bread as they were unrepentant. What use is a standard order if they won’t keep it for you past 9.30am?
    Food and festivities look great – the table setting looks superb.

  3. coulda shoulda woulda on said:

    I am a eater and a feeder which is a bad combo. I put butter inside the skin of birds. I love me butter.

    Love a view of anything really but that should be entertaining to see the world go by.

    Love the decorations on the table – bet your xmas one will be very impressive indeed!!

    • admin on said:

      My sister in law, who is a chef, advocates butter under the skin. Must be something in that.
      Still don’t know where I’ll be Christmas. Best get a move on!

  4. Mother Down Under on said:

    That Thanksgiving looks exactly like Thanksgiving is supposed to!
    Well of course except with a turkey instead of a chicken…but no matter.
    I like to feed too but my kitchen is not cut out for feeding and my house is not made for entertaining…more’s the pity…so I have to take to the parks and feed people there!
    Our tree is not up yet either! I am thinking Sunday?

  5. Brismod on said:

    Wow! You are the hostess with the mostess. And can’t believe there is a turkey thief at large in Brisbane…I’m alert, not alarmed. xx

  6. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me on said:

    LOL my mum is a total feeder, in fact you had better not have an empty plate when she glances over at you because she will leap out and dish you seconds! Great tree, is it in your house, seems so much easier than all the other fluffy ones we all put up! Wish I was a feeder. I’m more of a ‘cook because I have to and no one really eats it anyhow’ poor me! Em x

  7. A Farmer's Wife on said:

    The turkey thief is a worry. It is a dangerous time of year to have such a criminal on the loose.

    Your Thanksgiving meal looked gorgeous.


    • admin on said:

      Thankfully there’s no more turkeys around Brisbane till next week- they were sold out of Thanksgiving ones, and the Christmas ones haven’t arrived yet!

  8. Rita @ The Crafty Expat on said:

    Who on earth took your turkey!? Wow! Your table and food look amazing! And the dessert! Yum!
    Haha! I missed the deadline to put my Christmas tree too! Planned for next week-end with the Christmas lights!

  9. Deb @ Home life simplified on said:

    taking someone else’s turkey is so not in the spirit of the holiday – but your table spread looks perfect!! i love to pour gravy over the whole lot mmmmm

  10. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    You’re a fantastic host(with a great view for a BBQ, how do I get on that guest list?) Check the obituaries for the day after thanksgiving for someone who choked on a turkey bone, hopefully that was your thief lol :)

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