Melbourne Cup 2013

I don’t know what Jean Shrimpton was doing wrong, but no-one batted an eyelid when I showed up at a Melbourne Cup luncheon in James Street without a hat or stockings.

Perhaps it was my jockey colours inspired baking.

melbourne cup 2013 cupcakes

melbourne cup 2103 race boardroom

melbourne cup lunch

I love it when my boys want to cling to their father.

melbourne cup dad with boys iv

melbourne cup lunch 2013 rooftop

 Here they were last Melbourne cup when they were too young to protest against being dressed identically.

melbourne cup- boys

Melbourne cup- alan stool

My 3 year old won $40 on Red Cadeaux during the Office Sweep.  Sure, it might not be anything on Tom Waterhouse’s $100,000 win, but should be enough for a new Octonauts toy.

melbourne cup 2013 red cauteux cup cake

I also had a win: these Christian Louboutins for my hooves!

christian louboutin iii

christian lououtin

Sadly, our racehorse Henasar (of which we owned 2% of) will not be participating in any future Melbourne Cups.  He was a dud and was retired after a mere three races.  You’re better off investing in shoes girls.

Saw The Butler with my husband on the weekend.  Oprah is superb, although I’ll never sat a word against her.  Pack your tissues.

Any wins today in the Melbourne Cup?

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10 comments on “Melbourne Cup 2013

  1. coulda woulda shoulda on said:

    Such big boys! I must say it is cute when they dress alike though…Yes investing in racehorses is a punt in itself isnt it? At least you can flog off shoes on ebay and get some sort of return! No betting here. Not many people here even know of the melbourne cup…x

  2. Mother Down Under on said:

    Sorry about your horse…love the shoes!

  3. Emily @ Have A Laugh On Me on said:

    LOVE it when kids cling to dad, such a nice break. Those cupcakes looks amazing! And no wins here, but those shoes – what a score – did you win them?
    Sorry about the race horse, my dad and his sister had quite a successful one in NZ about 40 years ago, never knew what happened to it!!

  4. Rita @ The Crafty Expat on said:

    No win for me. But, Wouhou on winning these Louboutins shoes! They are amazing!

  5. Heidi on said:

    Love the new shoes. Well done to your son for winning the office sweep. I always managed to loose. Strangely enough the secretary was always the winner, and she ran the whole thing too. We also noticed that the footy tipping comp (which she also ran) she used to run as well. She had nice shoes too.

    Well done on the jockey cupcake baking. Your celebration was spent a little like mine – in the company of two toddlers (but sadly, no adults to share the excitement with). xxx

  6. Flora on said:

    Those jockey silk cupcakes are fantastic!!! Skill and patience required there. The D’orsay CLs are fabulous. That winning prize knew its way to a good home. Had a win on Red Cadeaux, too. Screamed to husband as he went to the TAB, ‘put the house on it!!!!’ He never listens.

  7. Sarah @ Slapdash Mama on said:

    Your cupcake art is to die for. And you already know how I feel about those shoes. And who doesn’t love it when the kids hang out with daddy! The relief! xxx

  8. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    Nice win on the shoes! Bonus the kids stuck to Dad, dream day for the cup. Just what you want, I stayed home with the kids and almost missed the race, wasn’t a big deal this year for me. Have made sure I’ve made Tuesday one of Izzys full days at kindy next year, planning ahead ;)

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