I know it’s not polite….

 I know it’s not polite to talk politics, but I couldn’t help but feed my family $2 sausages for lunch yesterday thanks to the sausage sizzle down at the local polling booth.  Despite his qualifications as billionaire, professor and prime minister hopeful, there was something about Clive Palmer that said ‘Big Kev’ to me.

election clive palmer

big kev

I had a catch up with my blogging posse recently.  They were talking about something the young people are engaging in- insta something or other…  Something about uploading photos to an audience who congratulates and praises you.  Sounds radical to me.  I don’t have an iPhone, so am posting this weeks photos on my blog for an instagram effect.

election rings election sausages election tulipselection ii arium lillies I don’t know if instagram allows you to have captions????  Here I am sabotaging paleo diet devotees with vanilla cupcakes from Burrow, West End.election ii cupcake

And artful cappuccino froth from the Coffee Hut, Indooroopilly.election coffee hut
election iitulips ii

Don’t tell my Edinburg Chrystal, but according to Georg Riedel, Riedel wine glasses offer optimal opportunity for the wine to exhale and breath, showcasing the qualities of the aroma.  Apparently, it’s all about the complexity of the aroma. The next bit is revolutionary- according to Riedel we should be drinking our red wines cooled so that we get the full mouth feel and the freshness of the wine.
election ii red wine
Fortunately, my au pair was in on this, and kept putting my red wine in the fridge.
Thankfully, my husband has returned safely from his stint in Papua New Guinea.  Despite his reassurances that the bus he was travelling on was equipped with a gun, I was a little nervous about his wellbeing. Particularly knowing that the travel guidelines recommended he speed directly to an airport should he accidentally bump into a car whilst driving- given the risk of retribution.
 According to my husband, when he approached a PNG government employee for information he required, the employee suddenly shouted ‘fire’ before hitting the fire alarm button, and exiting for the day!
I was born in Papua New Guinea.  My parents worked there for several years in the 70s and 80s.  My memories are minimal.  I remember my mother donating her freezer so that our housekeeper could freeze icepoles to sell streetside.  My mother recounts stories of frequent robberies and danger, and the requirement for a guard 24/7 (my husband informs me that now the politically correct term is ‘guide’).
 My husband brought me this ‘Gucci Premium’ perfume home from his recent visit.  It’s hard to imagine that this perfume equates to about 50 days of a local wage.
election ii gucci
So did anyone else indulge in polling booth sausages?  Anyone on instagram who doesn’t have an iPhone?  Should I get in on this?  Are you drinking your red wine chilled?
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18 comments on “I know it’s not polite….

  1. Coulda shoulda woulda on said:

    I am yet to instagram bc I worry about remembering passwords and usernames. I do what you did and just do an insta-post. Yes PNG is fragile I remember dropping once in the old days of stopovers and not many people looked all too happy.

    • I’ve seen your insta-posts. Had no idea there that you didn’t actually have instagram. It’s such an enigma to me. So many forms of social media.

  2. Faux Fuchsia on said:

    you can look at insta whatsy snaps online but it’s more fun on an iPhone. I like seeing what the ‘slebs are posting. I voted last week and missed the cake stall and crowds but I luff election night, the Don’s party theming, the wine and the snacks….love the commentary and speeches and texting my friends for their insights. Nice bee ring darl x

    • Unfortunately, the bee rings not mine. More’s the pity. I’d have stolen it for myself if it was not so well recognised on the internet!

  3. Nikki @ Styling You on said:

    I love Instagram and am so not young. The young things are on a thing called Snapchat where they post photos that last a short time online unless someone chooses to download them, in which case the snapper is notified. You can imagine the minefield this opens!

  4. Nikki @ Styling You on said:

    PS. I live in Clive’s electorate … let’s just say I’m glad we’re moving in a few months

  5. I don’t instagram – I waste enough time on the internet, plus I’m terrible at remembering to take photos. I was reading about photo theft recently with instagram. It’s something that worries me a bit with my blog. I remember reading about an american family who found out that their christmas card photo had been blown up and emblazoned the side of a department store in the Czech Republic. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/31214408/ns/world_news-weird_news/t/family-christmas-photo-turns-czech-ad/#.Uiu7uRaK4ZY So you never know where your photos end up…..
    I’d read that about red wine – and I can completely see the logic that room temperature in Europe is not the same as room temperature in Australia.
    As for Clive’s party… I put the local candidate last on the House of Reps ballot. I figured that anyone stupid enough to sign up to his party deserved to come last!

  6. Mother Down Under on said:

    I can’t vote…so no sausages and cake for me…more’s the pity.
    We put our red wine in the fridge in the summer…I figure red wine is not really designed for Brisbane summers…but then again we also don’t drink our red wine out of Riedel stemware.
    You should get on board with Instagram…it is good fun…I have abandoned most other types of social media and really only use Instagram.

  7. Slapdash Mama on said:

    Chilled red wine! Actually I endorse this, when they say room temperature they don’t mean 35 degrees and humid…ugh…chill away, I reckon!

  8. Kirsten @ Kirsten and Co. on said:

    I’m hardcore into Instagram. It’s kind of like Facebook but without the bragging/irritating status updates. And you can get your pics made into all sorts of cool things like posters, magnets, stickers etc. I hIghly recommend you get yourself an iphone and jump on board the instagram train!

  9. Emily @ Have a laugh on me on said:

    Actually yes I do drink red wine chilled, sometimes and I love the look of that fragrance. I bet it must be nerve wracking when your husband is away. And you REALLY need to get an iPhone – or an iPad – BOTH! IG is great – and quite insightful and fun for little effort!
    BTW the lillies, salt and sausages are a great (weird) combo!!

  10. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    I have instagram and I have the cheapo smart phone that hubby bought for me for xmas. I would love to see your snaps on instagram, please get on it :) I didn’t indulge in sausage on polling day, got in and out as fast as I could with one child in tow.

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