Happy cruising

Went on a cruise this past weekend.  I’ve been training for this holiday all year round- lounging around at any opportunity and eating like there was no tomorrow.
pacific dawn - p & O ship

The cruise went nowhere.  We departed Brisbane on Saturday afternoon and returned to the same port Tuesday morning.  We covered over 1000 kilometres to get to our destination- via The Coral Sea.

pacific dawn iii city view

pacific dawn iii brisbane view

Hung out with the aristocrats for my Father in Law’s 70th.  His entourage consisted of 20 members- including three of his children, 10 grandchildren, partner and her three children.  Love this man.  He’s on my invite list if I ever get to choose five people in the world to lunch with.  Also, love the cousins.

family portrait

I’ve shared before my family’s commitment to matching.  Here the boys are matching the resort towels.

pacific dawn matching stripes

pacific dawn joseph hat

And here they are matching the blue pool water with varnished red wood ledge.pacific dawn boys poolside matching iii

pacific dawn boys poolside matching outfits

Here I am accessorising my Scanlan and Theodore dress with a matching cocktail- a fruity number with Blue Caracao.

pacific dawn scanlan and theodore dress iipacific dawn ii scanlan and theodore

pacific dawn ii cocktail

Meanwhile this George orange print dress celebrated its debut with matching snacks and cocktail (a Pacific Islander Iced Tea).

pacific dawn orange dress w orange

pacific dawn orange pacific island iced tea

Finally watched Les Miserables on the outdoor theatre.pacific dawn les misThe food was worth the two kilograms gained.

pacific dawn beetroot and apple saladpacific dawn pizzapacific dawn iii pork belly

pacific dawn creme brulle

pacific dawn iii dining room

pacific dawn buffet breakfast iipacific dawn buffet cruise breakfast

pacific dawn lunch buffet

pacific dawn iii sunset

Apparently 700 staff serviced the 1900 guests onboard.  Pretty impressive, although lagging behind the Royal Household’s staff of 1200.

Speaking of Royal’s – so excited for William and Kate!!!
So have you ever been on a boat cruise? Or to Buckingham Palace?
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16 comments on “Happy cruising

  1. Mums Take Five on said:

    Love the Oranges very sweet :)
    I dont do boats but have hung on the outside of the palace :)

  2. Mother Down Under on said:

    I love your frocks.
    And that creme brulee looks amazing!
    I wish I had some staff…just one would be fine!

  3. Kirsten @ Kirsten and Co. on said:

    We were at Portside on Saturday afternoon and helped an elderly couple get to the terminal…they were running very late and struggling with their luggage. When we got them to the terminal, the check in computers were all closed etc, but thankfully they made it on board. Just. The ship’s bell was ringing to indicate it was leaving! I’ve been thinking about them all weekend, hoping they were ok (the lady fell over while trying to reach the terminal before the ship left) and how funny to now read that you were on the same cruise! It looks like you had a lovely time. What a great way to celebrate a birthday x

    • admin on said:

      So that’s who held us up!!! How kind of you to help the couple. I probably waved at you as we were leaving.

  4. Sonia Life Love Hiccups on said:

    I so have dress envy right now. That George dress is gorgeous xx

  5. Heidi on said:

    Love your resort wear, tres chic! The cruise looks fun… I’ve never cruised anywhere before, but I have indeed been to Buckingham Palace. Sadly there was some sort of mix up when I arrived, and they wouldn’t let me in! I know, unbelievable. So I comforted myself by taunting the guards on duty who had to remain straight faced and impassive. xx

    • admin on said:

      Fancy forbidding a loyal subject entry! They probably enjoyed your little show- it must get a little boring remaining straight faced when there’s nothing to smile at.

  6. Kylez @ A Study in Contradictions on said:

    Oh man I would go on that cruise for the food alone! Looks awesome!

    I have been wanting to on a cruise for so long, doesn’t matter where it goes, one that goes nowhere would be no problem for me!

    • admin on said:

      Sorry to inform you Kylie- but they don’t allow heavily pregnant women on board, nor newborns. Not sure of the age you need to be, but my sister in law couldn’t come bc her baby’s 2 months old! But to be honest, I think it’s best to leave a cruise like this till your youngest is 3 years old, and you can take full advantage of the kids club care!!!

  7. Stacey on said:

    I’m pretty sure Ive been on that exact cruise that you show in your photos, the comedy cruise? My parents took me so that I could babysit my younger sister who is 4 and I am 18..big gap I know..we also went with my grandparents and my mother’s brother & wife with their four kids :D The cruise was awesome, food was amazing! The activities were lacking during the day but definitely made up for it with the live comedy shows at night :D and the cocktails! OMG YUM. Going on next cruise, a nicer one in November :D Love my parents who happily pay for me so that I can babysit.

    • admin on said:

      Would love to have had a babysitter. I spent my time chasing my youngest! Definitely a working holiday. Hope you enjoy your next cruise!

  8. Sarah @ Slapdash Mama on said:

    God I’m so jealous.

  9. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    Never been on a cruise, but totally have the dish for a creme brulee. Looks like a very royal time.

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