Noughts and hot cross buns and other Easter ideas

Made these Hot Cross (and noughts) Bun’s yesterday with the help of my 2 mini master chefs using this Best recipe’. I supplemented half of the plain flour with whole wheat. They were a little bit tougher than store brought ones, but were winners nonetheless.

easter hot cross bun collage

easter buns cooked ii

easter- hot cross buns with scewerseaster- hot cross buns on table- Joseph eating

One of my favourite Easter activities is egg decorating.  As children, we’d blow the egg yolks out of the eggs and decorate with shrinkies, paints and stickers.   Earlier this week, I made these blue and white ones using some wrapping paper I had saved.  Might do a tutorial on them???

easter- blue egg treeeaster- blue decorated egg closeup

easter eggs alan paintingeaster eggs fabruary

And after all that egg blowing, guess what we had for dinner last night?

easter - fritatta

Also, if you’re catering for a child/ friend who has a dairy allergy/ intolerance- maybe you could give these a try.  I decorated Speculatius biscuits with royal icing (made with egg white beaten till stiff and then added icing mixture).  The bunnies were drawn free hand using a sandwich bag with a small hole cut in the corner.  The eyes and whiskers were painted on with black gel using a toothpick.  They were very easy to make, but so effective.  Note *these biscuits may contain traces of dairy.

easter rabbit collage

How’s your Easter preparation going?  Have you had a Hot Cross Bun yet or some of those Cadbury eggs?  or a Malteser bunny?

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21 comments on “Noughts and hot cross buns and other Easter ideas

  1. Mother Down Under on said:

    When is Easter?
    I think the fact that I have no idea when it is shows how much Easter preparation has been going on around these parts!

    In other news, we had frittata last night too…always a crowd pleaser!

    • I don’t know when Easter is either- but I don’t really need a special occasion to gouge on chocolate! Just looked it up- Good Friday is 29th March and Easter Sunday is the 31st of March.

  2. on said:

    love the egg with the handwriting on it!

  3. on said:

    ps: and I blame this post for the choc hot cross bun I just inhaled ;)

  4. SarahMac on said:

    I’m staying strong on the Easter treats so far. But oh God I love a hot cross bun. I love them sick. Your bunny biscuits are very cute, but let’s face it, I am unlikely to attempt any Easter related craft that is more complex than, say, creating a decorative pile of Easter egg wrappers on the floor by my feet as I gorge myself on them Vicar of Dibley style xxx

    • Haha! I know it’s early to embrace Hot Cross Buns- but I held out since January 1st- and could’ hold out any longer! Whilst your gorging- try a Malteser Bunny (the 50gm ones in the packets)… (P.S. This is not a sponsored comment)

  5. Faux Housewife in Heels Fan on said:

    Clever you! Hot noughts/cross buns! Genius. Who won?

    • Thanks Faux Housewife in Heels. I did :) P.S.- Did you know there’s a way you can never lose noughts and crosses? Google it :)

  6. Another Faux Housewife in Heels on said:

    That tree is amazing- I want one! Are those eggs for sale?

    • You can have them. They belong to the first person who reads this, would like them, and emails me asking for them. Seriously, they are an Easter gift to a special reader x

  7. Yet another Faux Housewife in Heels on said:

    What?? Bunnies on Speculatius biscuits! Who’d have thought. These are so cute!

  8. Bachelormum on said:

    Easter preps? I’m still recovering from my advent calendar I made at Christmas. Those bunnies are inspiring, and yes please do a tute I the egg decorating. I do love making craft with my poppet, and playing noughts and cross buns – clever lady. And thank you for your ongoing encouragement with my entry in the circle of mums award. It’s appreciated. I hope I can return the support some time.

  9. Alicia - One Mother Hen on said:

    Good job on the buns, they look awesome! Eggs look good too, very creative. Haven’t indulged in any choccy yet, i keep telling the kids we can’t eat the eggs(they see in the shop) til easter, so I haven’t bought them any either ;)

    • admin on said:

      Thanks Alicia. I can’t help myself from buying and eating the Easter eggs- I’ll be glad when Easter’s over, so I’m not subjected to so much temptation!

  10. Pink ronnie on said:

    Absolutely adore the noughts and crosses idea…
    Ronnie xo

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