The dark side of CLs…

 Did you see anything disturbing in my last post?  See those beautiful “Christian Louboutin” Bow Satin D’Orsay Pink ones?

100 shoes iii100 shoeSadly, they have a dark side.

100 shoes iiThat sole just isn’t glossy like it should be…

christian lououtin

They are fake!  Purchased off ebay, from a naive seller who herself  had purchased them from ebay and genuinely believed them to be real.  It’s always a risk with an internet purchase, especially a small time seller. It is sad.  I hate to support an evil industry.  There is one winner in all this: Bubbles.


Now that it’s April, let’s talk Easter.

easter buns cooked iieaster hatchlin alaneaster- egg sandcastle alan

easter breakfast tableeaster breakfastI’ve been training hard for Easter.  Eating chocolate year round.

chocolate shoesI read in the Courier Mail the other day that chefs are frustrated at food selfies.  Apparently it destroys the ambience and you should just enjoy your food.  If you insist on taking a photo of your food, you’ve got 5 seconds. So here we go… ’00 acre bar at Hillstone, St Lucia:

BeFunky_100 acre bar lunch.jpgBeFunky_100 acre bar kids meal.jpg

pretty flowers

Any ebay horror stories?  Are you taking longer than 5 seconds on food selfies?  Eating chocolate eggs and hot cross buns already?

Christian Louboutins etc…

Told you I was going to recreate the burger magic. See that tarragon mixed with thinly sliced tomato and red onion?  Add a little mayo to a heavily buttered toasted bun and you too can enjoy.

BeFunky_100 hamburgers ii.jpg

This photo must have been taken about 15 minutes after the table was set.

BeFunky_100 acre hour glass.jpg

Need a chaser?  How about meringue, cream, and strawberries?
meringueBeFunky_100 meringue  and strawberries.jpg

BeFunky_100 dinner party.jpg

Bubbles is growing fast.  She’s put on about 6 kilograms since we got her in February…

BeFunky_100 bubbles bone.jpg

BeFunky_100 bubbles bone ii.jpg

Much like her owner.  There’s only so many milkshakes a girl can have (and I’ve been averaging 3 a day!) before she gains 4 kilograms.  Thank goodness for flattering angles. And the sparkly Allanah Hill cardigan and the faithful Shakuhatchi dress I’ve had all these years.

BeFunky_100 outfit.jpg

BeFunky_100 alanah hill top.jpg

And for Christian Louboutins.  They are very forgiving and don’t care how much weight you gain.  100 shoe
100 shoes iii 100 shoes

The front garden is looking lush thanks to the heavens.

BeFunky_100 front garden ii.jpg

For the first time, we dined overlooking the front garden.  
BeFunky_100 chicken and potato dinner.jpg

Thought candles might be a nice touch. Found some fancy glitter tea light candles left over from Christmas.

100 candle

BeFunky_100 dinner candles.jpg

BeFunky_100 dinner candles ii.jpg

BeFunky_100 dinner candle iii.jpg

It wasn’t to be.

BeFunky_chicken dinner.jpg

My first assignment has been handed in…

BeFunky_100 first assignment.jpg… thanks to this guy:
BeFunky_100 chocolate bunny.jpg BeFunky_100 chocolate bunny ii.jpg

What do people have against eating rabbit anyway?
I keep reminding myself that ‘p’s mean degrees’, which goes against my natural drive- but I do have a 2 and 3 year old who are my priority.  A friend used to get so upset if she ever performed better than a pass grade, figuring she’d spent too much time studying! Ha!
Good news.  A month after her original operation, my sister has returned home to her 5 year old!  Just in time for his prep end of term concert.
Hope you are well.  Have you ever studied with children?  Any tips?  Anything else you’d like to share? x

Sisters, date night etc.

My sister is out of hospital and recovering at the HiH recovery centre.  Here we are when we were 3 and 4ish.BeFunky_sisters photo.jpg

And here are my sisters 28ish years later, on Friday night.  They are both wearing black and white stripes.  Talk about family resemblance.

BeFunky_sisters bwstripes.jpg

Nothing like sister time.

Since I don’t have a personal chef, we had the next best thing- Chinese takeaway from Ironside Chinese.  Take note Mr Chow.

BeFunky_sisters chinese.jpgBeFunky_sisters fortune cookie.jpg

BeFunky_sisters fortune.jpg

It’s amazing how much weight you can lose when you stand at the right angle in the right pair of heels.  Love this Moss and Spy leather skirt.  I plan on wearing it every second day in winter.

BeFunky_sister outfit.jpg

BeFunky_sister shoes ii.jpg

BeFunky_sisters accessories.jpg

Snuck in a date night at Fleet Street, Indooroopilly.

BeFunky_sister fleet street.jpg

BeFunky_sister petit fours.jpg

BeFunky_sister bomb alaska.jpg

BeFunky_sister fleet street shoe.jpg

Bubbles is going to puppy school.

BeFunky_sisters dog school.jpg

She also has a thing for shoes.  Choos, Louboutins, Ferragamos… she doesn’t seem to discriminate.  They are not safe.

She has destroyed our carpet, our bed, the boys toys, but I draw the line at the shoes!

thanksgiving pinnk roses

Tonight we’re having friends over for dinner.  I’ll be recreating the Boxing Day burger.burger

Boxing day tomato salsaChristmas boxing day swim pool The secret is the tarragon and the mayonnaise.

Hope you are well.  The plane’s still missing. Vogue has Kim Kardashian on it’s cover. What is going on with the world? x


Newborn first impressions – iv

First impressions matter.  So when I was invited over to J’s to meet her 2 week old son Baby G, I dressed up.  I wasn’t going to take any chances, so wore my Brides de Gala Hermes scarf- if it is good enough for the Queen.  Christened my new Zoe Kratzmann heels.

BeFunky_g outfit.jpg

BeFunky_g scarf.jpg

BeFunky_g heel zoe kratzman.jpg

Also wore my new white pianarustudio jeans.  Have you heard the rumour that pear shaped people shouldn’t wear white pants?  I don’t believe it!

BeFunky_update outfit ii.jpg

birthday breakfast outfit ii

Gold coast beach outfit

BeFunky_shrove wednesday table centrepiece.jpg

Anyway, Baby G matched in a darling white and navy onesie.  That little hand…

g baby hand

g arm

I might have kidnapped him if my husband and I weren’t so pale.

Even with a 3 year old, and a newborn, J managed to prepare a traditional African feast. African chicken stew, jollof rice and paneer.  Whilst J is of Nygerian descent, she attended boarding school in Great Britain, and admitted that she’d learned to cook the meals off you tube!!!  I knew I liked her.

BeFunky_g dinner.jpg

The orchid I brought from d.i.g was thriving at J’s home.BeFunky_george orchid.jpg

In other news, yesterday I got a pap smear.  Turns out the Doctor I saw was a mother from my child care centre!  What are the odds?

And what’s going on with all this hacking?  First Twitter.  Then my Hotmail account.  And from Japan?

I hope there’s some answers to this missing plane thing soon.


g blackboard

Same same

Told you I’d been shopping.

BeFunky_update outfit ii.jpg

BeFunky_update ii outfit.jpgBeFunky_update outfit top.jpg

BeFunky_update heels.jpg

Although, I prefer to think of it as saving.  This George knit and the pianarustudio shoes were 90% off!  Just my little way of contributing to the family finances.  

Wore them to last night’s date night at Jai Thai, our default restaurant of choice.

BeFunky_update wine .jpg

BeFunky_update wine glasses.jpgBeFunky_update thai.jpg

I couldn’t eat much from the menu with my crazy girl conception diet, so I had fried ice-cream as a main.  It didn’t last long enough for a picture.

Even though it’s only part-time teaching, study is now getting serious, as I am a mature age student.  Spent a great deal of time working on an assignment on Friday, only to discover that it was formative and wouldn’t contribute to my final grade! Ha! Talk about stressful.

busy weekend storage cupboard

Meanwhile my sister is well. She has been crocheting practically in sweatshop conditions, ordered to be stationary in a hospital bed attached to a $48,000 vacuum.  Each day I come in with new balls of wool and tally the days productivity.  I expect a blanket any day now.

crochet BeFunky_update crochet.jpg

Tennis lessons have wrapped up.  Am now training for the family annual tournament.

BeFunky_update wimbledon.jpg BeFunky_update pimms.jpg BeFunky_update wimbledon ii.jpg

I plan on spiking the competitors drinks with Pimm’s.  Think I am in with a good chance of winning.
Such a big news week.  What happened to the Malaysian plane? And Brett Cowan being found guilty of Daniel Morcombe’s murder.  I think I’ll be watching 60 minutes tonight and hoping his family finds peace.
Hope you are well x
P.S. Apparently, my twitter account was hacked, and random messages have been sent to my followers????  I barely use twitter.  Who would do such a thing!

Shopping and hospital

When you can’t indulge in salt, bananas or potatoes, at least there’s still shopping.BeFunky_sister shopping.jpgBeFunky_sister pianaru studio.jpg

BeFunky_sister zoe kratzman shoes.jpg

Promise I did not pay $497.30 retail for these Pianarustudio jeans.
BeFunky_sister jeans ii.jpg
I love them.  If you’re ever looking for me, just follow the trail of shimmer.  Wore them to visit my sister S in hospital.  She is a veteran.  Sadly, she had to have corrective surgery on Monday following a problematic recovery from an ostomy revision she had last week.
BeFunky_sister s.jpg BeFunky_sister hospital ii.jpgsister hospital cross

 My sister’s in good company- the Queen’s Mother and Napolean Bonoparte had ostomys.   Not that Napoleon

frocktober update ii napoleon

This onefrocktober update napoleon ii

My sister is a warrior- you won’t hear her complain.  She accepts that she doesn’t have control over everything and is grateful for life’s blessings.

She might be in hospital strapped to a $43,000 vacuum, and ordered to be sedentary, but her mind is sharp and her fingers are nimble, and she is teaching herself to crochet.

sister crochet


Inspiring stuff.BeFunky_sister flowers.jpg

While waiting for the stomal therapist to finish with my sister, I flipped through some magazines.  Why is Teeth Whitening being discussed in a House and Garden magazine?  BeFunky_sister house and garden teeth whitening.jpgAnd when can I fit this in my schedule?  Meanwhile if you are trying the boy conception diet, then make a reservation at my house, because I made a giant batch of potato and leek soup last night. 5 leaks, 12 potatoes, 2 onions, 1.5 litres of chicken stock, and 200 mls of thickened cream:

BeFunky_potato and leak soup lilly.jpg

BeFunky_potato and leak soup.jpg

Bon appétit. x

Shrove Wednesday etc.

I postponed shrove Tuesday to Wednesday.

shrove tuesdayBeFunky_shrove tuesday pancakes.jpgBeFunky_shrove wednesday table centrepiece.jpg

BeFunky_shrove wednesday cupcakes.jpg

I’m now absolving my sins, depriving myself of salt, potatoes, and bananas in the name of LENT.  Lucky for me, this is consistent with the girl conception diet that I was already following.

Picked up my 81 year old Uncle from a stop over in Brisbane whilst on a cruise around Australia.  He is living the life, cruising and jet setting, and spending my inheritance.

BeFunky_celebrity solstice.jpg

Our family enjoys a cruise.

show ii- boat cruise theatrep&O orange dressp&o mum and boys pic monkey

pacific dawn boys poolside matching iii

Uncle D always gives the best presents.  I still have this book “Travels with Grandma” that was given to me around my 8th birthday.

Travels with grandma

Went to the Rugby game at the Suncorp Stadium on Friday night.  I didn’t know who was playing, so wore white with leopard print heels to be neutral.

BeFunky_rugby outfit.jpg BeFunky_rugby outift ii.jpg BeFunky_rugby boys.jpg

Turns out it was the Reds vs the Cheetahs (what are the chances?  The one place where leopard print is not a neutral), so I drank red wine to show my support for the red wine

I’m running late for a Sunday drive, so must be off.  How is your weekend?  Please tell me x

Kimba Likes

 Anyone else taking Kimba’s advice?  Wearing something classic, bright, matching and clashing?

She’s onto something.  Check out this Zara, Tory Burch and Napolean collaboration.

kimba outfit ii

kimba bright tory burch

kimba clash

Added some comfy Fendi heels.

BeFunky_dinner fendi shoes.jpg

And a tiara.

kimba tiara closeup

That’s right, turns out I’m a princess! I know some of you are a little precious about your royals, so if you have any issues with my title, take it up with my 3 year old who insisted.  And to think he was bottle fed!

kimba tiara

The outfit looks better at the beach.Gold coast beach outfitStill having my milkshakes.

kimba milkshakes Sneaking in a little rosewater pastry treat from French Twist.  In the name of art.BeFunky_george pastry.jpg

Had a little dinner with sister S.

BeFunky_dinner table.jpg

BeFunky_dinner table ii.jpg

anti pasto

To think these napkins were so plain and boring 2 days ago.
BeFunky_dinner napkin.jpg BeFunky_dinner spaghetti.jpg

BeFunky_George block printing.jpg

Only just realised shrove Tuesday was yesterday.  Better make some pancakes and absolve my sins.

Sometimes I feel like I’m talking to myself.  How are you?

Oscars and babies

 Look at this lovely little baby girl I got to look after earlier in the week.  Even though she’s heavily cropped and there are no distinguishing features apparent, you can still tell that she is one of the cutest babies ever.

BeFunky_george baby a.jpg

BeFunky_george baby a ii.jpg

It’s enough to make you embark on a girl conception diet (even if you love your boys to death and wouldn’t change them for the world).   Plenty of milk, no salt, no potatoes etc.  I think pancakes are allowed.

BeFunky_george flowers at breakfast.jpg

BeFunky_george pancakes.jpg

Speaking of babies- Remember I was telling you about my single twin with the ovarian reserve of a 44 year old desperate for a biological child? Well she met a gay man who suggested they do it the old fashioned way.  What? “You know, with a turkey baster”!!!  Next candidate….

Oscars are on right now.  I hope Cate wins for her role in Blue Jasmine.  She looks perfect for her acceptance speech.oscars cate

How did Gravity get nominated for best picture?  Maybe for a Razzi, but an Oscar?  I’m hoping Wolf of Wall Street or American Hustle wins best picture (although haven’t seen 12 Years a Slave).  At least Bradley Cooper should get an award for his hair.

I went to a family pre-oscar dinner party at ‘The Kenmore’ last night for dinner. Just because I wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, did not stop me from wearing a George evening dress and throwing on some Golden accessories including this Lanvin bracelet and Marc Jacobs clutch.

BeFunky_george accessories.jpg

BeFunky_gold champagne.jpg

Sadly, I had to wear the old Tony Bianco heels due to the ebay incident whereby my new YSL Gabby’s were never sent.
BeFunky_George heels.jpg

I requested we sit at table 33, because that is my husband’s lucky number and I am a little superstitious.

BeFunky_george table 33.jpg

I think this garlic and cheese pizza is consistent with the girl conception diet.BeFunky_george garlic pizza.jpg

Tuna steak and scallops combination was amazing, even if it broke all the diet rules.  But I am getting tired of milkshakes.

BeFunky_George tuna.jpg

I went to d.i.g on Friday after a lunch date with my husband.

BeFunky_george dig ii.jpg

BeFunky_george dig.jpg

Took home a few souvenirs.  Headed the wisdom of Tamera Beardsley to buy plants rather than flowers for special occasions given their longevity.

BeFunky_george orchid.jpg

BeFunky_george orchid single.jpg

Also brought this block print and indulged in a little DIY napkin project.

BeFunky_george block.jpg

BeFunky_George block printing.jpg

BeFunky_george block printing napkin.jpg

BeFunky_george dog walking.jpg

Last hour of the Oscars.  Better get dressed for the after parties.  Are you attending any special Oscar celebrations?  Any success with gender swaying?  x

Dalmations, Real Housewives

 That Cruella De Ville might have been cruel, but she did have good taste.

bubbles blurry ii

BeFunky_dalmation walking.jpg

Ask Christian Louboutin

BeFunky_dalmation christian louboutin.jpg

And Valentino

BeFunky_dalmation and I ii.jpg

BeFunky_dalmation with boys.jpg

Don’t be fooled by that pretty face, Bubbles ripped out my Tiffany and co diamond earring when we were playing on the ground. It is still missing.  Lucky she’s cute.

Here’s my twin wearing spots.  Talk about telepathy.

BeFunky_dalmation twin ii.jpg

BeFunky_dalmation twin.jpg

Sadly, she also has an ovarian reserve of a 44 year old.  But since she is now single and desperate for children, she is hurriedly trying to recruit partners/ sperm donors.  She is speed dating.  It’s such a strange process vetting potentials. In some ways when looking for the potential father of your child, you can be more selective than a partner.  Bipolar? Obese? Short? Smoker? 50?  Next!

Had a little get together for the premier of Real Housewives of Melbourne.

BeFunky_dalmation real housewives.jpg

BeFunky_dalmation eatons mess.jpg

My favourite cast member so far is Jackie the psychic.  I am also going to enjoy Gina Liano- have been a fan of Bettina Liano since 2006 when I brought a blue frock of hers.  6 more sleeps…

In sporting news, I am acing tennis lessons.  When I first showed up to class at 9am on the dot, I was afraid to see a large group of 10 year olds in the class!  Thankfully it was the group before me finishing their lesson.

dalmation tennis lessons

Did a clean up of the garden this week.  Thankfully the front yard looks after itself.front yarddalmation in front yard

The backyard though is high maintenance.

dalmation weeds

One day I might be able to make bouquets out of my homegrown roses and flowers, but for now…
BeFunky_dalmation flowers.jpg
BeFunky_dalmation lilly.jpg
Am so sad to learn of the passing of Charlotte Dawson.  Rest in Peace.
How was your weekend?  Did you watch the Real Housewives of Melbourne?  Would you be a solo parent if you knew that was your only option to parent?