Camilla, teaching and 3 years old

I lost 3 and a half hours on Saturday to the Camilla warehouse sale at Brisbane’s RNA show grounds.  Thank goodness there was a 15 item change room/ purchase limit, or I might have lost a few more hours.  The sale was not for the feint hearted. Next time you see a lady looking gorgeous in a Camilla kaftan purchased from such a sale, imagine how beautiful she must have looked as she stalked the sales staff for that item, or snuck it away from another lady trying it on :) .

Lucky I’m competitive.  So many pregnancy friendly options.  Here’s me trying a skirt on surrounded by a change room floor piled with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of garments.

camilla mayhem- skirtcamilla mayhem ii

I’ve already worn the skirt twice.  Also brought a dress in the same print.

camilla one shoulder

Also loving this tube dress from the Camilla beach house collection.

camilla tube dresscamilla tube dress bump

I brought a several items from the Camilla beach house collection, including these pants which will also be a staple.

camilla beach house pants

There’s a lot of cramming go on in these parts.  I’m in the middle of my student-teacher placement, teaching years 8s and 9s English and SOSE at a state school.  I’m actually really enjoying it, and thankfully have a very helpful, understanding supervisor.   Yesterday a student made me this:

baby boy cupcake

It was so cute, I nearly didn’t eat it.

Speaking of babies, my baby boy is turning 3 on Friday.  How did this happen?  It seems like only yesterday we were celebrating his 2nd birthday with a Mr Busy theme.
two ii cake timetwo cupcakes

two ii mummy and baby on ball

This darling is still very much the Mr Busy.  Sports, cooking, experimenting… He keeps me on my toes.  Thankfully, he’s calming a little as he ages, and I can finally get him to sit through a solid 4 minutes of Peppa Pig.  He is an absolute darling, and I regularly melt at his cuteness.  I wish I could show you a photo of his gorgeous face….

He has requested a Peppa Pig, pirate, tractor party.  I will do my best to cater.  Especially enjoying the back yard at the moment in its Jacaranda splendour.

jacaranda ii

jacaranda downfall ii

Two more sleeps till the au pair arrives from Germany!

Auf Wiedersehen x


It’s been awhile.  I have been busy catching up on four seasons of Game of Thrones. What have I been doing with my life?  I’ve missed all these historical events: The war in Westoros…. The wildlings marching toward the wall under Mance Rayder…. Daenerys Targaryen’s efforts to raise forces to retake the Iron Throne…..  Am counting the sleeps till Season 5.

In other happenings, we celebrated my husband’s 33rd birthday last weekend with a French Open (Roland Garros) theme (remember last year’s Wimbledon theme?).

french open playing tennis

french open cup

As much as I enjoy going all out with a theme, I saved myself the expense of resurfacing the tennis court with clay, and instead focussed on recreating the food experience of the French Open.  Fortunately, the food is basic at the French Open, with a ham baguette being the most popular food item sold.

french open baguettes

Macarons are also popular.

French open macarons

I cheated with Adrian Zumbo’s passionfruit packet mix macarons (used 3 packets).  I’m not sure where the CWA stands on these, but I won’t be buying them again.  So much effort for little return.  Respect for his pressure point tips, but egg whites are superior.

Recreated the event’s signature cocktail ‘The Ace’ and ‘The Royal Ace’.

french open ace cocktail

french open The Ace cocktails

Save yourself 10 Euros, and make some basil syrup (bring to boil: 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup basil; simmer, strain)

french open basil syrup

And some cucumber syrup (bring to boil: 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar and 1 cup grated cucumber; simmer, strain)

french open cucumber syrup

Add lime juice, and top with perrier (for ‘The Ace’) or Moet Chandon (for ‘The Royal Ace’).


Enjoy with a slice of Angel Food cake.

French open cake

33 is my husband’s lucky number, so I have a good feeling about this year.

anniversary 33 cake

The family holiday in Cairns and Port Douglas was wonderful.  As much as the boys enjoyed snorkelling at the reef, the submersive boat experience, the Kuranda sky rail and a helicopter ride over Port Douglas, apparently the Madagascar movie was the highlight of the trip!

BeFunky_cairns - family photo reef magic.jpg BeFunky_cairns skyrail.jpg BeFunky_cairns blue drink ii.jpg cairns- marina cairns prawns cairns helicopter cairns waterbaby cairns beach

 My highlight was a snorkelling adventure tour on the Reef Magic.  My husband thought it  hilarious that I was the only person on the advanced snorkelling tour wearing a life vest.  So much to see- schools of parrot fish, angel fish, clown fish, barracuda etc.  And just when I was feeling like zebra print was a little too everywhere, I saw a school of diagonally striped sweetlips.

diagonal banded sweetlipEmbrace the print people.

BeFunky_cairns = zebra ii.jpg

BeFunky_cairns zebra.jpg

Enough about me.  How are you?  Any recent holidays, birthday celebrations, Game of Thrones insights to share?

And what do we think of the new seals that have popped up on two litre bottles of milk?  Overkill?

Me time

stamford 30th outfitI’ve been taking advantage of my boys mistaking my twin for myself in the middle of the night, and having a few nights away with my husband.  Here we are at the Stamford Plaza. Stamford Plaza might be one of Brisbane’s premier hotels, but it does not have a Sundae option on the room service menu!  Which is a problem for a pregnant lady.


stamford view

At least the Brasserie on the River breakfast had options.stamford plaza

Have also been having a few girls nights out.  Lots of birthdays to attend.  A 37th at Kathmandu.

stamford 37th birthday

A 30th at Thai Terrace.  The theme was Heels and Hair.   I wore sparkly Louboutins with my hair in a braid thingy.

stamford hair

Can we have a vote on which way I should wear this skirt?  Above or below the bump?

stamford outfit ii

stamford silver

Birthday girl looked fabulous.

stamford 30th birthday

Afterwards, everyone headed to the movie 100 foot Journey.  I’d already seen it, so snuck of for a movie date with my husband next door.  We saw Should I Stay?  It was bad, and no we shouldn’t have stayed!  But it was worthwhile, as the birthday girl organised her homemade chocolate birthday cake to be delivered.  Which was 5 stars.

Look what that naughty Bubbles did one day.

stamford tennis courtShoes, clothes, carpets, tennis courts….  She is a very expensive dog.

She has been relocated to the front garden.

front yardEnough Me Time. Now it’s time for a business trip to Cairns (I.e family holiday for us stay at home mums).  Any must dos for while we’re here?
stamford lillies

Au pairs, Gold, Nandos …

Not sure what to say anymore on the blog.  This stay at home mum gig just isn’t as glamorous as they say it is. I know some people dream of being a stay at home mum, but I fell into it, on account of disliking my previous profession and having children.  So I’m getting another au pair!!! She is German. Nothing like a good quality German export.  Audi/ Mercedes/ Porsche/ BMW, schnitzel- sure there was that WWII blip and my VW Golf mistake.

car- alan and seatcar- alan restraint

She’ll join us in late October in time for the new baby.  Things are getting kind of desperate.  Who takes their child to the beach in pyjama pants?

BeFunky_coast beach with boys.jpg

My four year old took a family portrait of me while visiting the Victorian Aunties.

BeFunky_coast aunties.jpg

He is dedicated to his art.  Doesn’t matter if you say stop, he’s determined to get the best composition.

BeFunky_coast children taking photos.jpg

coast photos

I wore Gold since I was at the Gold Coast.coast outfit

Sequins, Lanvin bracelet, and Marc Jacobs clutch.

coast gold

coast boys

I already weigh more than I did at the delivery of both my boys, and have outgrown all my maternity gear.  I think it’s because of the Nandos mild classic wrap that I can’t get enough of.

coast nandos

coast nandos ii

I know variety is important in a pregnant ladies diet, so I’ve been going all over town for these wraps.  St Lucia, Kenmore, Kelvin Grove.  I have eaten enough of them to buy one of those Hermes Pegasus scarves that everyone seems to be getting.

Have also been enjoying ice-cream. Visited the new Cowch last week with my best friends J, J, and K.  I’m boycotting Emporium Freestyle after that Courier Mail article saying that patrons were no longer to share desserts and just drink water.  Apparently it was sending his business broke.  Reader, sometimes I like to share a dessert.  Anyway Cowch was nice enough- a lot of ice-cream options.  Recommend the udder puffs which J had ordered.

coast cowch iicoast cowch

Dressed up for the occasion in this George gilet and elasticised pianarustudio skirt.

coast cowch outfit

coast cowch outfit ii

Wore my Zoe Kratzman heels for the second time.
BeFunky_g heel zoe kratzman.jpg

I went shopping for new clothes yesterday and headed Nikki’s (Styling You) wisdom to not buy something unless you love it.  Reader, I left empty handed. And without any clothes that would be donated to charity next season with a tag still on.  That Nikki knows what she is talking about!  I went to her ‘Unlock Your Style’ book launch and she is fabulous and relatable.

It’s raining here today.  Took a photo of these lilies my husband gave me spontaneously, but so overcast I had to do crazy photo shop things.


Am off to get some Nandos…

Do you love Nandos?  Any Maternity brands you recommend?  I hope you are well.


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Noosa, zebras etc.

We are back from a family holiday in Noosa.  I’m sorry you couldn’t be there.  Weather was splendid.  No trick photography.

noosa beach

noosa boardwalk t btw legs

noosa trike sand

Where else in the world do they have police patrolling on a segway?  Those things go up to 16 kph, so everyone was on their best behaviour.

noosa police

A who’s who of the family was there, from both interstate and overseas.  Aunts, uncles, parents, cousins and their families.  I can’t remember when I last saw cousin M who has lived overseas since finishing high school.  She eloped in Italy with only her parents in attendance who thought they were there for a marriage proposal.  Here she is with my sister K- both wearing stripes.  Talk about family resemblance.

noosa k and m

All the cousins have the T_____ chin.
BeFunky_noosa cousins ii.jpg

The boys met 4 new second cousins and had a blast.
noosa hide and seek

BeFunky_noosa cousins.jpg

I knew it was going to be a good holiday, because 33 is my husband’s lucky number.

BeFunky_noosa 33.jpg

My Aunty E sent home a fruit cake she’d made.  Whilst at the resort, she wandered into what she thought was her room, demanding to know what a man was doing in there.  Turns out it was his room, and he’d generously allowed her in!
noosa fruitcake

Snuck off for a brunch with my husband at 10 Hastings St.  According to the waitress it is normally the female that orders the bircher muesli and yoghurt.noosa breakfast yoghurt noosa breakfast

Don’t worry, he’d already had bacon and eggs earlier in the morning.

In Zebra news, I am adding to the collection.

aussie day zebra

BeFunky_zebra outfit in store.jpg

Meet my new maxi dress from Witchery. 

My husband tells me I look heavily pregnant in it.  Well when else can I get away with it?

Thank you everyone for your kind words for my twin who’s currently seeking fertility assistance.  Sadly, despite the super sperm of a 23 year old donor, higher doses of FSH, delayed retrieval times, and numerous flushes of cysts to maximise egg retrieval, no eggs survived the retrieval process.  The specialist described her response to IVF as dismal, and does not think she’ll respond differently in the future.  She is currently exploring alternative options including the possibility of a donor egg.  Our motto for now is ‘where there’s a womb, there’s a way!’.


Movie reviews and recipe reviews etc.

Here’s more of that Pianarustudio coat as promised.  Kept it for myself from the popup shop days.

BeFunky_movies coat.jpgBeFunky_movies outfit.jpg

Wore it to see Sex Tape starring Cameron Diaz.  Rotten Tomatoes gave it 1 star, which I thought was harsh.  Now I’m no Judith Lucy, but I’m giving it 3.5 stars as I laughed hard.  And 5 stars for the company- my identical twin:

BeFunky_movies teeth.jpg

We are mirror image twins.  I’m right handed, she’s left handed etc.  And when we first got teeth they came in at the same time, but on the opposite side of the mouth.  True story.
BeFunky_movies sis.jpg

movies lollies

movies accessories

I had my 20 week scan last week.  Still healthy.  Still a boy.  To protect his anonymity, here’s a picture of him hiding behind his hand.

baby 3

I asked for a picture of his penis for future evidence in case I started doubting the validity of the ultrasound.  Not only did my sonographer give me a copy of the area in black and white, but she made a couple of those 4D images as well! A bit of overkill, and I find the 4D images quite hideous.

Made Heston Blumenthal’s chilli con carne with corn bread muffins the other day.  Cheated with the kidney beans and used canned instead of dry.  Canned kidney beans!  It was delicious.

cooking cooking cornbread

The family went to the Indooroopilly school fete on Saturday.  I love a fete.  So nostalgic, although I don’t remember superfood muesli bars being available when I was a young girl.

muesli barrs

fete cake

Here’s the wildlife lady taking a monitor lizard for a walk.  Apparently they grow up to 7.9 metres in length!
fete monitorfete pirate feteOne minute we were having a ball on the bouncing castle, and the next minute it poured down, flooding the covered area we sheltered under.
fete flood

Fortunately, the rain subsided shortly after, and there was no need to tell Chanel 7 how we’d survived for days on superfood muesli bars and rockea road.

Last night, I woke up at 2am to this:

fete sleeping

Am going to show my husband next time he complains about the boys coming into our bed in the middle of the night.

How are you anyway? Loving school fetes? Eating super foods?  Fan of 4D sonography images? Watching the Commonwealth Games?  Anything else to report?



Here are the beautiful words of my twin sister who recently commenced IVF.  Sadly, no eggs were fertilised in the first round, but she is currently undergoing her second round.  Fingers and ovaries crossed.


For 32 years I planned for you

Built my house on three degrees, 2 careers, a small but cosy savings account and travel adventures I hoped would inspire you.

Leaches. Scuba diving. Stinky tofu.


For 27 years I searched for my partner

Someone to dote on you with abundant enthusiasm

I found someone and life was lovely.

When you find THE ONE they say you KNOW.


I hope you KNOW one day.


We planned for you.

In our dreams. At a fertility clinic.

We had the PERFECT donor.

My best friend’s brother and life was lovely.


And this is where the lovely stops.


Where life and all its chaos happens.

Where life is not fair and you make an earnest vow to appreciate it if it turns back in your favour

Where your mother can no longer put a band-aid on, kiss you and tell you it will be ok.

Because it’s a promise she has no power to keep


My partner ended it and I was sad.

Partly because I missed her.

Mostly because I lost the future we spoke of.


In my dreams I had painted your room

With Little My Ponies, soccer balls and all the colours of a lolly shop

With stars that shared stories and pointed to endless possibilities


I reveled in your giggles, your shrills and silence that sung,

Mummy, I love you

Mummy, I feel safe

Mummy, isn’t life just wonderful?

Yours was my favourite song


The first time you tripped I wanted to pad the ground with bouncing castles so you would never feel pain in this world

But I knew grazes would shape you

A gift that you could play hopscotch

Twirl yourself ‘til you fell dizzy

Avoid the hot potatoes on the burly streets of life


In my dreams you had a younger brother or sister.

and you would play so beautifully,

Then fight, kiss and make up


You were cheeky

You finished your cupcake, then asked your sibling for half of theirs

Your sibling gave you the big half

I allowed it because you said, ‘Please’


For 32 years I picked names

Elliott, Hugo, Luca, Benson

You must have been a boy because it was these names I always picked.


I caught your hazel eyes

As you caught golden butterflies and asked, Why?

Why do these fanciful creatures only live two weeks?


Because life is full of truths like these


And baby, education can wait. Careers can wait.

But babies baby, cannot.


Nanna Tonkin had it right

I should have sold bananas in Coles

What good is a career if you have no one to spend your toils on?


For 32 years I had not planned for this

How can I age 12 years with a blood test?

12 childbearing years

Then words from my donor

Two years after the deposit was made

My fiance does not approve, I’m sorry I cannot go

through with it


Time stopped that day

For five months the clock struck

No you did not ovulate


I peed on every stick on the market

No smiling faces or double lines

A lonely stroke that stabbed at my identity

Arms bruised like a junkie

I stopped counting the blood tests when I counted my unborn baby’s last toe

I stopped looking at my bank account

When there was nothing to see


I engaged in promiscuous activities

And all I got was a venereal disease

An ant of an irritant

Beside the hairy monster of despair


They say infertility is a roller coaster


My ride has been the giant drop

I once enjoyed adrenaline

But this is the kind

Where you cling to the seat

Cause the buckle is broken

And you don’t know how you will survive

If you can’t have a child


I hate my ovaries

Because they are failing

I love my ovaries

Because they are my hope of a biological child


I wait for my next cycle

to begin in vitro fertilization

Begin injecting follicle stimulating hormone

A dose two times the normal recommended

A dose that increases the risk of miscarriage and down syndrome

But if this is my chance of a child

It’s the chance I’ll take





Bastille etc.

Regular readers will know my appreciation for all things French.  Champagne, fashion, food, au pairs….  So when it came to Bastille Day, I was all oui, oui.  Went to Le Bon Choix Paddington for some celebrations with my dear friend J, twin sister and the boys.

BeFunky_bastille macoron and nails.jpg

Let them eat cake.


Made a little effort to dress up.  I’m loving the spandex in this Mesop dress.  Think I’ll get a couple more months out of it.  And thank goodness scarves, capes and shoes don’t discriminate against weight gain.


BeFunky_bastille day outfit in park.jpg

BeFunky_bastille day park.jpg

Wore Babi Bello Georgia heels.  Seriously comfortable.  There is a mega sale over there at the moment if you’re in need of a bargain.
babi bello georgia

We also checked out the Bastille Day festival at Southbank on the weekend.  Here’s my twin and I both wearing stripes.  Serious telepathy.

BeFunky_bastille day twin.jpg

BeFunky_bastille day stilt walker.jpg

BeFunky_bastille day muskets ii.jpg

BeFunky_bastille day boys behind painting.jpg


It was such a lovely day out.  Mime artists.  Cancan dancers.  Good food.  Couldn’t have the soft cheeses or wines.  Compensated with plenty of croissants and sweets instead.

BeFunky_bastille day crem brulee.jpg


And French soup. The soup was nothing like the continental mix soup my mum used to make.  Packet soooup!

Spent the earlier part of the week in Hervey Bay visiting family.  How versatile are stripes?  French.  Nautical.  They go anywhere.

BeFunky_hervey bay baby cino.jpg BeFunky_hervey bay stripes.jpg BeFunky_hervey bay water with cousin.jpg

The sparkly sea was the perfect backdrop for my shimmery pianaru studio jeans.

BeFunky_hervey bay sparkly jeans.jpg

You’d hardly know it was winter.

uncooked crab

hervey bay crabshervey bay crab preparation

I baked a chocolate cake with the boys yesterday.  We had some for dessert, but the rest of the cake (3/4) went missing.  There were a few crumbs here and there, but that’s about it.  Have narrowed it down to one suspect:
She gets into everything.  Pretty sure dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate cake- but am relieved it wasn’t more clothes.  Have consulted google, and apparently there needs to be 100-150 mg/kg of Theobromide to cause a toxic reaction. Poor thing has already been getting poisoned with those supermarket dog rolls.  Apparently, according to the vet, this is like junk food!  Talk about mother guilt.
Over to current affairs.  Am so relieved to learn of the verdict for Alison Baden-Clay’s murder.  Rarely do I get so worked up over a trial, but this one’s close to home for us, as Brookfield is a nearby suburb… and I’ve been scratched by little boys finger nails enough to know that those scratches were not from shaving.
 I hope the family can find some peace and closure from this outcome.
Hope you’re well. x


 It’s finally cold in these parts and I have retrieved my furs from storage.  I wanted to donate some furs to the poor freezing girls at Gold Coast on the weekend, who were strutting around in mini skirts and crop tops like it was schoolies.  Meanwhile I was warm and snuggly in my oversized Country Road woollen jumper while I tut-tutted.

cold GC beach

cold seaside

It might not be as glamorous as New Years…

fireworks scanlan and theodore

But I was comfy.

cold penthouse

cold Q1

I’m looking forward to a few more child free get aways before the new baby arrives.  Fortunately, when my twin looks after the boys, they seem to think it’s me when they climb into bed with her in the middle of the night!

Still getting lots of invites to glamorous events.  On Saturday morning we attended R’s 4th birthday Frozen Party.  M went all out with the food and decorations.  She made this cake all by herself…

frozen cake

And the pin the carrot on Olaf.frozen pin the carrot

Here’s my 2 year old about to release Olaf into the heavens….

frozen olaffrozen olaf ii

Could you imagine the wrath of the four year old party goers if he’d have succeeded?!  I knew M would do something fancy.  Here’s the cake she prepared for our mother’s group Christmas get together last year.

mother's group cake

It’s lovely being part of a mother’s group that still has regular contact 4 years after our babies were born.  Sadly, these occasions are becoming fewer and fewer with the conflicting requirements of the kindy schedules, and no doubt will change with the onset of prep.  So I’m treasuring these get togethers more than ever.

The family also went to lunch last week at Nantucket.  We were a little early for the lunch menu, so had to settle with snacks.  Comfort food.

nantucket macaroni
nantucket cornbread
nantucket slidersnantucket slider
Pork sliders and corn bread were divine, although the mac and cheese was a little bland for me.

The boys chose their meals from old school camera film thingies (not sure what they’re called?), where they could flick through pictures of the food items!  Genius.nantucket children's menu

Here I am debuting my pianara studio coat.  You will be seeing a lot more of this one.

nantucket pianaru coat with boys

How have you been anyway?   Attending glamorous events?  Wearing furs? Oversized woollen jumpers?  Know of any child friendly restaurants for children in Brisbane?

Four years old etc…

I blinked and my sweetheart baby was four years old!  So much to love about this boy.  At the moment he’s talking to his brother about going to “Chicken World” and convincing him to get on a boat (the recliner) to get there.  Apparently, he’s going to be the driver.

 The day after his 3rd birthday party, he declared he’d have a batman 4th birthday party…. he never wavered.

BeFunky_four batman.jpg

Lucky I’m partial to a cape. 

cape outfit

BeFunky_four batman with cake.jpg

BeFunky_four cupcakes.jpg

BeFunky_four table .jpg BeFunky_four spiderman ii.jpgLolly man made another appearance.
BeFunky_four lolly man.jpg

BeFunky_four jumping castle.jpg

Because I am a stay at home mum, with a great deal of hired help, I drew cityscapes around the take home boxes to bring them into theme.
BeFunky_four party favour city scapes.jpg

To think this was a year ago…parrty sawing birthday cakethird birthday building game- boxes

And this was two years ago…

barnyard preston and jayden

barnyard horseride

farmyard pinata pig with alanAnyway guess where that jumping castle now lives?  In our play room!  And to think I nearly hired one instead.


In other exciting news we recently purchased an investment property/ development site as part of a joint venture.

cape- sold

It’s a little run down.

cape- house

Minutes after the auction finished, the boys removed the entire first level of bricks on the front fence!cape- house bricksNothing we haven’t dealt with before.
auchenflower delapitated house

auchenflower under house

Here I am 7 months pregnant sifting through a deceased hoarder’s home that we’d purchased as part of a joint venture, convinced there’d be treasure hidden there somewhere!

auchenflower house

Needless to say there was no treasure.

On the morning sickness front, things have improved substantially, providing I have zofran.  Chips, lollies and pizza are also essential, and when the boys spot me eating yet another entire packet of cheezles, I tell them mummy needs her medicine.  My youngest son just gave me a starburst lolly he’d found on the ground saying, ‘I found your medicine mum!’.  Bless them x